Caitlin's Corner: Shaping the future of Lipscomb Volleyball
Monday, November 18, 2013
By Caitlin Dotson
Caitlin's Corner: Shaping the future of Lipscomb Volleyball

If nothing else, one should always strive to leave behind something that will benefit the future.

The best thing that can be done for upcoming generations is to plant something that will continue to grow and be strong and stately, like a sequoia.

This idea embodies my experience with Lipscomb Volleyball. What you plant you may not see grow and flourish, but you know that not only does it better the future, but also it will be enjoyed by those who follow in your footsteps.

It is a selfless gift. Many sequoia trees have shaded my career at Lipscomb. Girls came before me to take the program that I walked into to the great heights it boasts. Their work, the work they may not have reaped the benefits of, profited me greatly.

Literally, growing from the ground up, LUV is a majestic tree quite deserving of respect, but it took many years and many different stories to get there. The ones that nourished that seed deserve thanks for all that I have enjoyed during my time here.

Under the shade they provided, I was able to grow and flourish- not just as a volleyball player but also more importantly as a person.

LUV really is a lifestyle 10 years in the making; it’s a mentality that you come to have, even if it takes a full four years to completely embrace it.  The mentality not only expresses that we are elite and strong, but also deserving of rewards because we have worked hard.

That continuous work keeps our trees growing and strengthening. Roots grow deeper into a soil that has

provided endless possibilities for new development and opportunities.

If we don’t nurture those trees that have grown to represent everything that we are, then we know they wither and lose their splendor. Legacies stand soaring around us and challenge us to grow taller every day.

I played my last conference game in Allen Arena on Saturday and I can only hope in some way, shape or form that my senior class has planted a seedling that will grow into a sequoia and cast shade and comfort for future players.

I consider myself so very lucky to have had the opportunity to just be with my teammates over the years.

When I was little, my first interaction with God was begging him for a little sister- and much to my dissatisfaction a few months later my little brother, Kenley, came along (not that I don’t love my brother, he just did not fulfill the girly role I had imagined).

I think God gave me Kenley because 16 years down the road, He was going to give me about 20 sisters and knew that a little testosterone exposure would do me good.

I have loved being a part of each individual journey and truly believe that there is something special about LUV.

Whether it’s the dougie band, the ochocinco, the wolfpack or the S Club- each group has shaped me- teaching me resiliency, leadership and most importantly compassion. You can’t pick your family, but somehow I got fortunate and this family picked me.