The Ford Report: Variety of Play at USA tryouts
Saturday, February 22, 2014
By Lauren Ford
The Ford Report: Variety of Play at USA tryouts

So here we are at the end of day 2. We had two sessions today: the first was primarily serve receive and the second was competition in the form of wave drills like we had on Friday.

I think after just six hours in the gym with these players Jewell and I have a much greater appreciation for the quickness of our offense at Lipscomb. We both run very fast sets that, apparently at this level, that doesn’t happen quite often enough for our liking. We both agreed our faster style of play is much more fun and in our opinion, much more impressive as well. Too bad our opinion doesn’t count for much at this point in time.

It has been a lot of fun meeting new people. Jewell and I both have roommates now. Mine is a setter from Cincinnati and Jewell’s roommates are from California Berkley.  On the court we are starting to recognize more and more girls we played with in club and it’s almost like a little reunion. We of course have met a few girls that say they know Brittnay Estes… why are we not surprised?

Regardless of the outcome, this experience truly has been a once in a lifetime experience. Jewell and I have been reminiscing about the little things in our lives that got us here and we have one thing that is always reoccurring...God. He has had a hand in every little turn in both of our paths. We both could not be happier playing this game we love with the talent that God has given to each of us.

Tomorrow morning we have one more chance to play with the best of the best. We have been blessed with this opportunity and we don’t want it to end.