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Snider has made quick impression on Lady Bisons
Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Aug. 29, 2007

Junior outside hitter Sarah Snider has joined the Lady Bisons volleyball program after two seasons at the University of Alabama where she earned a berth on the Southeastern Conference All-Freshman Team. She arrived at Lipscomb with high expectations and she has wasted little time meeting and exceeding them. The social work major from Oswego, Ill., stopped by after practice to for a question and answer session.

What is it like to be on the court for the first time with new teammates and a new coach?

Sarah: "It was definitely a change. I feel really comfortable. I am ready to go."

Coach Brandon Rosenthal stresses a team concept. Was it difficult for you to make the transition to the Lady Bisons after two seasons in another program?

Sarah: "Coming in as a junior is a little different than coming into a program as a freshman. I had to change my offense, change my defense and make other adjustments. A lot of it is mental. I'm still working on it, but it is going well."

Expectations for you this season are high as well as for the incoming freshmen? Is that extra pressure for you this season?

Sarah: "I know for sure there are expectations. But volleyball is something I love doing and I put other things behind me and keep going. I have come into a program where we have the skill and focus to go all the way."

In the first two matches of the season you finished both times with a match-high 17 kills, so obviously you feel very comfortable in your new surroundings?

Sarah: "I have a really good connection with (setter) Jake Pease. Having a good connection with the setter is extremely important. The setter is the quarterback basically. She runs the offense. The connection as all about knowing what she is going to do. As a player she tells me where I am going to hit."

Having spent two years at the University of Alabama you have the unique situation of attending a smaller Christian school? Has it been what you expected?

Sarah: "I wanted to go to a Christian school. That was big deal for me in terms of a different environment. The teachers are awesome. The professors know your name. It's less stressful. I don't have to drive to classes. It has been a very kind environment for me.

"This is a fresh start. This is what I wanted to do. I know volleyball-wise we can go very high."

At Alabama you were part of two NCAA Tournament teams. Do you sense that this team has what it takes to earn an NCAA berth this season?

Sarah: "The newbies who have come in are working hard. I can't tell the difference what age each player is because we are all at the same level working together. Brandon always says it is going to take all 14 of us to accomplish what we want to accomplish."

Volleyball is obviously very important to you. What influenced you to want to become a member of the Lady Bisons?

Sarah: Brandon is very competitive. I am very competitive. That was the first thing I asked. It wasn't just about going to a Christian college. I want to be competitive. I want to win. I want to see people out their fighting for their positions. That's the sort of attitude I was looking for."

You have mentioned several times how much you love the game of volleyball. When did you first become interested in the sport?

Sarah: "My sister played when I was younger. I started playing when I was 10. We have a very good club system at home.

"The defensive part of the game really attracted me. That is my favorite thing. I know I have to put balls down, but defense is important to me. I like to play on the edge defensively. That's why I love defense so much because you can fly around and make plays. On defense you are always on the back row communicating with someone. If somebody makes a dig you help them out and get the second touch. You are working hard back there together."