Pease has busy first day at tryout camp
Friday, February 19, 2010
Pease has busy first day at tryout camp
Lady Bisons setter Stefine “Jake” Pease is spending the weekend at a tryout camp for the U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Team in Colorado Springs, Colo. She is sending a daily diary detailing her experiences. Here is day one.

Started today off with a 6 a.m. flight from Nashville to Dallas-Fort Worth. Arrived in Colorado Springs by 10:30 a.m.

Today we checked in and got our T-shirts! There was a group of us that flew in on the same plane so we have been sticking together a lot! (Murray St., TCU, Wright St., and Bethel).

The dining area is legit! And I thought our team could throw down some food... I had no idea girls could eat like this! And they have Soft Serve Ice cream.

We sat and waited for 2 p.m. and out first work on the court. We finally got started as a group (1 out of 3) and did some ab work and stretches with the National Team trainer. Then we were supposed to split up into pairs with someone we didn't know! I got the tallest girl probably in the whole group of 64! Ha ha. We partner-passed and peppered a little. Split into 16 on a court (four courts) to serve for about five minutes.

I busted out my jump serve we have been working on! Then went into hitting lines (very different because the middles were probably three inches taller than what we are used to seeing. And it was the same with most of the outsides so adjusting my sets to the hitters was actually a fun challenge for me!

Then the coaches split us up into four courts according to positions! I was on the court with the Cal setter (Carly Loyd) who we played in the NCAA Tournament and a girl from Iowa State (Kaylee Manns) who is from my home town! They were both super cool.

After our two- hour session, we walked back to the dorms (like a university that all athletes use) and I walked into my room. When leaving to go play I had no roommates but when I came back there were five Florida girls sharing my room! A little intimidating but one of them was like "Where are you from" and I told her Kansas. She asked, "Did you play for the MAVS?" And I said yes "I knew I remembered you, I'm from Front Range" (a club out of Colorado we played- every girl was twice as big as our team - no joke!).

I have seen a lot of girls I played against in club ball which is cool! There are girls from EVERYWHERE here. We are from gig and small schools but no one cares here because we are just here to play!

The altitude is said to make playing a different experience than normal! I cannot say I have noticed yet. We will see about it tomorrow! But the hydration process Reggie put me on the week before has really helped!

And the hard work my team and I have put into this spring has definitely made a difference in my play! My body feels pretty good after the first day!

Tomorrow is a new day - two sessions!

It is snowing here and it is beautiful!

“Giving the glory to Him”