Jake Pease offers first journal installment
Monday, September 20, 2010
Jake Pease offers first journal installment
Thursday was our travel day... So the team went to class and then to chapel! Most of the team went to coach Jeff Forehand's chapel on the baseball field. It was great to get to sit out there with other athletes and get a message from someone who the volleyball team respects and looks up to! Very inspirational before we headed out on the road!

On the road... again... We went off to St. Louis this weekend! It is about a five- hour trip so as we got on the bus, we all got our seats. You know how it goes... seniors in the back, freshman up front.. We put a movie in and although we were supposed to watch it 95 percent of the team crashed! Some little bug I think went through every single player so everyone is getting over that. Reggie (trainer Regina Hash) says "Sleep, rest, and push those fluids (water)." So rest it was on the way to St. Louis. Since I get car sick... I will have to say I slept the WHOLE way so I’m not sure if anything exciting happened on the bus. Sorry!

In St. Louis the first night, we went to eat as a team at a restaurant called J Bucks! Very good place to eat, mostly BBQ, and let me tell you we demolished our plates! Char's comment to me "Your plate is so neat, mine looks like there was a massacre on it." And then at the end we decided what ordering decisions we would have changed.I definitely would have traded my side salad for the potato salad! But I got to eat Elly's left over potato salad! Thanks Elly! PS- Barb (Alex Kelly) thought J Buck (the guy who owns the restaurant) was hot. Not sure about that one!

After dinner it was film time and then BED TIME! We were all pumped about that because tomorrow we get to go visit the arch!

Up at 8 a.m. to eat breakfast and head to the arch Friday morning! Being from Kansas you would think I would have been to the arch but this was my first time! I am a little... Or a lot afraid of heights AND very claustrophobic so maybe that can explain why I have never been! So we rode up in a "little egg" shaped thing... not big at all! I had Sam in my egg, and thank goodness two little kids who we talked to were in our egg as well, to keep my mind off how small the space was and how high we were going! At the top we were able to get out of "the egg" and walk around, looking at the Illinois side and Missouri side of the arch! So Illinois equals muddy river and Missouri equals Busch Stadium. We were mainly interested in the Missouri side! We sang Happy Birthday to Frank (Tory)... the big 22 AND old lady of the team. And then we traveled back down the arch (Brandon, Reggie, Sam, and I-in the egg down).

After the arch we went back to rest, ate lunch, t and hen it was practice time. We had a pretty good practice for about an hour then went back to the hotel to rest again. Tehn it was time to shower up for the pregame rituals then off to Panera. For some odd reason we went half way to the gym and then turned around and went back past our hotel to get to Panera. It was an adventurous bus ride (all weekend). It was time for pregame treatment AND the Disney Princesses came by, They were there for Disney on Ice. Then game time!

We went 0-3 on the weekend, against St. Louis, WKU, and Marshall. Not how we would have liked the weekend to finish but, a lot can be learned from this weekend and we can move on. My dad has always told me, "Tiger Woods doesn't always play his best, sometimes people have off games!" So as a team we will stick together and move forward! Continuing on this year’s journey as a unit, sisters, as family! Forgetting about the past and looking toward the future!

We drove home Saturday night, stopping at Arby's on the way back to school, getting in about 12:30 a.m. Sunday was our day of rest! A lot of the team went out to watch the soccer game, but a day to ourselves was needed to get back on track! Back at it on Monday!

Meg wrote this in the locker room before our last game: it is pretty inspirational to me! “I AM..... MY SISTERS KEEPER and in the line of duty of being my sisters keeper I hold my head up high with confidence that I will keep my word for MY SISTERS.”