Lady Bisons like back to basics approach
Thursday, September 23, 2010
Lady Bisons like back to basics approach
As most have heard the volleyball team is going "back to the basics".

Here is a little background about how we did that. On Monday afternoon we walked into the locker room and found plain white T-shirts on each of our stools in front of our lockers. Not sure exactly what was going on; we wondered if it was a punishment from the weekend or something Brandon was trying to teach us.

Brandon said "we will KNOW who has been working hard because at the end of practice your shirts should be dirty from getting on the ground and working as hard as you can." That is all he asked. Getting back to the basics and going back to the basics of where this program came from like working hard, loving to come to practice every day, understanding we will work harder and giving more than anyone else out there even when no one is looking.

Along with white T-shirts, we did not play music at practice either. The only thing we had was ourselves … our family, our sisters... working together as a unit.

Before getting started with practice, we had to watch film, but even before film Brandon gave a speech in the locker room. He talked about GOING TO WORK "day-in and day-out". He talked about going to work because we want to get something out of it not just because we have to but doing it as a TEAM to make ourselves and our teammates better.

As a team we needed to stop being selfish and know that we are in this together. This is all we have and we have to do whatever it takes to get to where we want to go; all 15 of us. He continues to get across that it is a TEAM GAME... it doesn’t take six people, not even 12 or 14... but ALL 15 of us have to come together.

He asked about famous people we knew that have made a name for themselves... some named were Oprah, George Washington (yeah that was mine, ha-ha), Peyton Manning and Tyler Hansbrough. Each person went to work every day to achieve his or her goals, and we as a team have to do the same. Being a group of individuals is not as strong as what we are when we work together. He also gave examples of former players such as Erin Pierce, Jess Enderle, Ashley Cox, and Amy Trykowski and how they went to work for the TEAM!

At the end of the speech we watched Austin Peay on film and then it was time for practice... as the girls were singing the song... "Yup in my white tee".

I was thinking about how the speech was going to be processed by each girl. I wasn't worried about practice, but I wanted practice to go well and for the speech to really hit some people in a positive way. We needed to get back on track...the right way... not forced but by choice. So here goes nothing-practice time.

I am sure y’all want to know how it went. Well, to tell you the absolute truth... it went VERY WELL! We made a deal that if people did not work hard in a drill, they were kicked out of the drill and had to shag balls during practice. They were not allowed back in until we moved on to the next drill. This only happened a few times because everyone was working hard and it looked like everyone wanted to give it their all. We also knew that if we didn't work hard, we would not move on to the next drill until we did so practice could have lasted for well a longggg time! It was one of the best practices we have had in a while. I’m not saying we have not been practicing well; it just looked and felt like it should have.

Although we had a good practice, we had to make sure we carried that attitude into the game at Austin Peay on Tuesday. We rode in style with a 15-passenger van and an Expedition (the cool car!). We left school to go eat.

Meg helped us navigate through the big city of Clarksville to reach our destination... RUBY TUESDAYS! They have these new cheese and garlic biscuits, like at Red Lobster... yummy! Then, of course, there was a salad bar which we devoured. Most went back for seconds... and then remembered we ordered Ruby Minis also. So let’s just say... we ate WAY too much food. Let’s see: Barb loves the chewy croutons, Katie likes the fruit salad with cranberries on top. Meg like’s sunflower seeds on her salad and she likes to smoosh her sandwiches before eating them? She says they taste better (she used to sit on her sandwiches in high school before eating them. She demonstrated with Elly's turkey burger exactly how she did it), and Tory... well she says the cottage cheese is growing on her (she tries it everywhere we go thinking she is going to like it each time). So pretty much we love to eat. And you thought boys ate a lot!

We played very well at Austin Peay. Everyone stepped up to the plate and did their jobs. It was great!

The air conditioning was not working and the Dunn Center was hot. Most people know how much I sweat in our gym... not sure I had anywhere at all to wipe my sweat during the game. The same goes for Meghan if that tells you anything. Pretty nasty BUT we got the win so we can't complain.

In my 3 1/2 years playing at Lipscomb, I have never been to a school that heckles as much as the football guys at Austin Peay did... it was awesome. Before the ref blows the whistle to serve most passers put their hands on their knees to get ready to pass. So one of the guys yells "If you are scared put your hands on your knees”. That was my favorite. The only thing I could do was smile. There were endless comments made at everyone else on the team. All fun and games of course. But in the end we went 3-0 and came home!

Brandon gave us two days off (Wednesday and Thursday) but each of us had to find time to get treatment if we needed it and everyone had to roll out our legs with the foam rollers and get in the cold tub. Thursday we will watch a movie as a team. Brandon likes to give us movies to watch that have a meaning behind them that applies to what we are going through. We will see what he gives us this time!

Hope you enjoyed!