T-shirts and music are back and so are the wins
Tuesday, October 5, 2010
T-shirts and music are back and so are the wins
Last week we were preparing for the start of our conference play. We were getting ready for Mercer and Kennesaw. And guess what? We got out T-shirts back.

Man did we miss those things! But it was really funny coming back on Tuesday afternoon. We were not sure if we were allowed to wear our T-shirts again or if we had to wear the white ones still. Half of our team was in the white and the other half in black. We got the O.K. to wear our T-shirts right before practice.

The next question was do we get music or not? So we took the music out and Brandon didn't say anything so it was back to normal but it was still back to work. There is a new song for the team "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland. You know it’s a good song when Meg is snapping her fingers. And Barb (Alex Kelly) is doing some tip-toe hop that she made up. I might even put it in the category of "Pump-up songs" if you can believe it.

So practices went very well last week! We worked hard and got a lot of good stuff out of it. One day we got to play a game of Sweetish... Uppers vs. Lowers... (Barb,Elly, Tory, Meg, Kelsey, Katie, Char, and me). The object of the game is to make both balls hit the floor on the other side of the net (the lowers side) hitting it back and forth-NOT normal volleyball- and if that happens you get a point. Let's just say we won but I still don't know if Char knows exactly what is going on... STILL! But we won so that is all that matters.

Then it was game day on Friday. My mom came in town so it was good to see her. But right after I got her from the airport something happened to my car... Ugh! And so I am sure that is exactly what my mom wanted to do right when she got here!

Anyway iit was fixed and I got to lie down before pregame meal! So lying in bed I got a text from Sam "Hey come to my office." So I thought she needed me for something but she got me out of bed to meet someone!

So then off to eat: PB&J... Salad... And peanut butter with banana! Sounds yummy huh? Serve/Pass was pretty good... very serious... I am not sure? And then it was time to play! We played Mercer Friday, a rival for many years- I guess since before my time here at Lipscomb! Not exactly sure why but it is what it is! We didn't play our best but we got the win so in the end I feel like that is all that matters!

Then we moved on to Kennesaw State! We had our pregame meal at Panera again! So good. And I got the normal-breakfast sandwich and yogurt parfait. Forgetting about Fridays game and moving on we had a good Serve/Pass. It was pretty peppy so that was good!

Brandon talked a lot about confidence before the game... Even though he wrote it in the LR "confEdence" lol but we just went with it! And the date 10/2, the day Lance Armstrong said he was going to beat his cancer! Pretty powerful stuff!

We played with a lot of confidence Saturday! We did what we were supposed to do and nothing more than that! We focused on our side which is what we should do every game. In the first game in a time out Brandon was pumped and started to talk to us... He said to "stay in our rhyshm..." I guess he meant rhythm! So we got a good laugh the next time he started talking about rhythm! We got the W and all-in-all it was a good weekend!

Later that night we hung out with a recruit. A few of us went to Sweet CeCe's. I had never been there before but it was pretty good I will have to say! Then we went to see the lights downtown and then back to hang out with my mom.

Sunday was a good day off to hang out and relax with my mom. I got to sleep in until 10 a.m. and that rarely happens! We were back at it on Monday morning with weights . Now it is to start getting ready for ETSU and USC Upstate!

Back to work!

Stefine "Jake" Pease is a senior setter for the Lady Bisons. She writes a journal providing insights into the 2010 season.