The road trip east was long but was also fun
Monday, October 11, 2010
The road trip east was long but was also fun
Practice this past week was so good! It felt great to continue what we were doing the week before.

On Monday we played Upper vs. Lower Olympics. One player from each side (Katie Rose was for the Upper and (Kaycee Green for the Lower) picked five games they wanted to play and then from those 10 games Sam and Brandon picked fve games we would play! Pretty intense.

Uppers were up 2 games to 0 and ended up getting beat the next two games... so we had to go into the final game! And of course UPPERS won! No tellig what would have happened if we lost! Haha... Barb (Alex Kelly) was not happy about us having to go into the fifth game! BUT we won so that's what counts!

The rest of the week was good and film was good too. There was a lot of talk throughout the week about how the ETSU fans were going to be! So Brandon talked a lot about staying together and worrying about our side of the court. And we did just that through the week of practice.

We left Thursday after chapel... AFTER Coach Jeff Forehand came and gave us a speech before we left. His speech was based around raising the bar each year. Our record gets better each year but we are the ones who has raised the bar, not anyone else. We have to embrace that and continue to raise the bar even higher, and continue to climb the ladder. We cannot let up for one second because everyone wants to be at the top! If we let down someone is going to come and take it away. It was apretty powerful speech... Very cool!

So after that we got on the bus to head to ETSU. Our bus driver is Chew (6-foot-6, 390-pounds). Let's just say no one was going to mess with us! He plays in a band and used to be on the offensive line at the University of Memphis! He is pretty awesome... And has two gold teeth... LEGIT! Reggie got to hear all about his life... He even got to drive Snoop around! To give you a mental picture... We decided he was Big from Rob and Big! (And our bus driver from last time-Timmy... Was Rob... They even know each other!!!)

We got to Johnson City and went to Logan's to eat dinner. One rule at Logan's: NO peanuts! :( bummer for sure! So water...steak, salad, and a sweet potato! Then to the hotel to watch film on Upstate and of course we had to do film at 8:30 p.m. so we could make it back to watch Grey's Anatomy at 9 p.m.!

We got up the next morning and ate at Panera. This time Sam was so nice and brought bagels and parfaits back to the hotel. Then we got ready for practice at ETSU! Practice went well... we played "volleyball tennis" with seniors/freshman vs. juniors/sophomores/Sam/Brandon. Ryan entered balls in and wasn't bad at all! We called our team the UpLow team. We won the first game and then at the end of practice we finished the tennis game and we lost 2-1. Not too happy about that!

Then we got back and showered. We went to a movie-thank you Brandon! The team went to see Secretariat! It was fabulous! So good. When the actual races were happening during the movie I didn't blink or breath the whole time I don't think! Unbelievable-- the whole team was soo into the movie! Would definitely recommend the movie for sure!

After the movie we went back and inhaled our sandwiches from Quiznos and got to rest for about 20 minutes. Then it was time to do my hair and off to the gym for our game! We walked from the hotel to the gym. The weather was wonderful! And then we went to the athletic training room... which was HUGE! Amanda got lost on the way back to the volleyball gym so she found her way back to the training room and went back with us! Haha so funny!

We won the game in 3. The third game we were down and came back to win! "Showed a lot of character," Brandon said! We stuck together and kept our focus. I think the difference in us winning and losing games is to stay calm and composed!

Understanding we can do anything we believe in and not doubting ourselves. No matter if we are down 3-22, 20-24, or winning 20-10. And we did just that on Friday! Great feeling! After the game we went to Fazoli's and back to the hotel to go to bed. The hotel at ETSU was super nice so we stayed there instead of traveling after the game.

We got up around 8:30 a.m. so we could be ready to leave by 9 a.m. Sam,again, was nice enough to have bagels and parfaits on the bus! Chew took off at 9. Upstate is about a two-hour drive. We got there and ate at Jimmy John's, one of our newer places to eat.

Next stop was Converse College. Upstate's gym is being renovated and will not be done until basketball season. I think they said they have to rotate between four gyms (two high schools and two colleges). It would be hard to have a senior year like that but they had a very positive attitude about it. We got there really early so we sat outside and decided to see who had the biggest/smallest head and the longest face. Dot (Dotson) came through with a shoe string to use for measuring. Results: Sarah... BIGGEST head (circumference), Claire... SMALLEST head (the new PEA HEAD-shout out to Erin Pierce!) And I think Amanda with the longest face... maybe Sarah won that one too... not sure!

We also talked about fighting. No one has been in a real fight! But we think Char would be the one to get in a fight! Char's dad used to tell her, "One swift kick with those trunks and they would be down for the count." Haha good times! Brandon ruined the fun because it was time to go play!

We took our Serve/Pass to get used to the gym and lighting. We won in four... Won games one and two and dropped game three. We took game four! Upstate played very well! They were making some unbelievable plays... digging a ton of balls and putting up great blocks! I’m glad we took game four!

Then it was Jason"s Deli on the way home. Reggie is awesome. She calls in the orders and makes sure they are on the bus by the time we are there. OH YEAH we did shower before we took that long trip home... Left that one out- Chew was happy about that! He did not want to smell us the WHOLE trip home!

So it was Brandon, Sam, Meg, and I up in the front of the bus. We watched the Alabama-South Carolina game and Jersey Shore. Eating Sweetish Fish-my favorite! Just chatting away and there was one sweetish fish left. Brandon decided to see if he could throw the fish in my mouth from across the bus. The first thing I said was "I don't want it to hit my tooth!" And he said "oh come on Jake." So first throw he hits my tooth! Later Meg said "Jake you have fish all over your tooth!" Not fish... My lip was bleeding! Thanks Brandon for the fat lip! So this went on for about five minutes and finally I threw it straight into the back of his throat! He made this dramatic choking act... DRAMATIC! We were laughing so hard we woke the whole bus up! If you don't believe my lip was bad... LIKE SOME PEOPLE :) ask Sam to see the picture!

Last stop before Lipscomb... Chew needed gas... And we got ice cream! Wahoooo! I got the Strawberry Shortcake Bar! So good and we found out the cookie ice cream bar had over 400 calories...a little nutrition fact for ya! After ice cream Brandon went to the back of the bus to sleep. Sam, Meg, and I watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! P.S. the final movie: part 1 comes out I think AT Thanksgiving and part 2: July 2011! PUMPED! One of the first times I didn't sleep on the trip home!

Back at Lipscomb in our locker room we took pictures with Chew and that was the weekend! Pretty busy one... Hope you enjoy!

Senior setter Stefine "Jake" Pease is providing a journal of the Lady Bisons season.