Jake's Journal Part 7
Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Jake's Journal Part 7
What a week... not a whole lot of volleyball- half a week of it I guess! But we got after it hard on Monday and Tuesday! We were getting ready for an out-of-conference mid-week game at Louisville. There are a few girls on the team which some of our girls know and have played with so that is always a fun "rival". We watched film on them I think Monday before weights! They looked pretty good on film but how they look on film isn't always what happens in the game. So we focused A LOT on our side at practice. We didn't play a ton on Monday but got after it on Tuesday when we played! I slipped a little in practice points so... I had to get back up there lol! (Each practice, if we play games, the winning side/team gets a "point"-could be an individual person too. And we add them to our points from previous practices... I like getting points for some reason:) ? Haha) Char doesn't understand how practice points work sooo... She doesn't realize it's kind of a big deal! All-in-all practice went well this week.

So we headed to Louisville around 11a.m. on Wednesday afternoon. Bus, blanket, sweats, pillow, ipod= nap time! Since Louisville is on Eastern time it was about 3 p.m. when we got there and headed to Dot's house. They live in "Old Louisville" Sarah said and it was such a beautiful part of town! Her house was so cute and Sarah said they had put a lot of work into it. Everyone had to go to the bathroom when we got off the bus so it was who could get to the bathroom first- then found out there were three more we could use. There were baby picture drawings around the house of Dot- and Brandon makes sure everyone sees them. They have three dogs- one of them was named Jake :) Haha so we ate our pregame meal there, Sandwiches (with swirl bread- never had it before but it was pretty funny) chips, pasta, fruit, and vegetables with water of course. A few of us sat outside on the deck to eat our food. And we realized Katie Rose had an accident in her pants when she stood up! She got a little embarrassed... Haha just kidding her seat cushion was wet and when she sat down it made her pants wet! Sorry Katie :) We got to hang out for a little bit and make fun of how people eat... Whether they chomp their chips or talk with their mouth open full of food, etc. It was pretty good! Of course Barb was busy making fun of Char... So they didn't participate... But it was all in good fun! We got ready to leave and Sarah's mom came over to say good bye! They gave us Halloween goodie bags! (Lots of candy, bracelets, candy necklaces-that Char wore into the gym, ribbons, pencils, and a gooey rat... Barb did like that too much!) Off to the gym to get ready!

We had serve/pass at 5:30 p.m. so we got there with enough time to get treatment and get ready. I think the Louisville athletic trainers thought we were out of control in the training room. Meg and Char were playing softball with a tennis ball- again Char was trying to pitch? Yeah we can leave it at that! They had a beautiful volleyball gym... It had sport-court, their net was legit, and there was a lot of playing room!

Time for serve/pass... Let's just say that didn't go as well as we would have liked! But we forgot about it ) and got ready to play! Brandon gave his pump up speech before the game. We are supposed to be here competing with some of the top teams in the country! There is no reason why we shouldn't be... if we want to take this program to the next level we have to start now! So game time- at the coin toss, captains went up to shake hands and for some reason the ref decided to tell us about the Louisville captains injury! She was a defensive player and we didn't get to see her on film a whole lot and found out why. About three weeks ago she was going after a ball and a CHEERLEADER was doing a back flip and kicked her in the head, "but still landed the flip" the ref mentioned. So she has had a concussion and has been out for three weeks. She was back playing- glad everything was okay!

So the game started and we played very, very well. Some of the best volleyball we have played! We lost in tjree but each set was only a two- or-three-point difference. As a team we made errors at crucial points in the match that hurt us a little. Another thing I think we could do a better job of is when we get momentum with a block or a big kill or whatever we have to do whatever we can to keep it. We do a pretty good job most of the time but some of the time we let up for a second and don't take full advantage when they are down. So other than that we played pretty well.

Heading back to Nashville we got Jason's Deli Boxes. Very good other than I got a Oatmeal- Raisins cookie... blah! Not a fan but no complaining) It was a good dinner. So nap time again. Had to get some rest for my big trip on Thursday.

We found out earlier in the week we were getting Thursday through Sunday completely off. So I was going to make my way down (first trip all by myself- big girl I know!) to Troy, Ala. But first I had to finish my speech I had on Thursday at 12 p.m.. Of course on the day before Fall Break-great planning Jake! So I got my speech done and packing was completed before I went to bed baaah! Long night but worth it.

I had to get my last injection because we had a few days off then I had to wait all day for my speech! The speech went well and I headed out to Alabama for a visit with Eric :)

The weekend was awesome. Very relaxing! A whole lot of football and baseball intrasquad. A little example of my weekend... Friday I got a pedicure, went shopping downtown (it was so cute and the women there were so awesome!!!) My Saturday wake up was at 10:30 a.m. (fabulous). I went to the baseball field for intrasquad until about 2 p.m. I had a quick bite to eat and then FOOTBALL from 2:30-10:30 p.m. Lazy? Yes, yes I know, but it was amazing! Gotta love a weekend of football!

PS: Cam Newton! That's about all I have to say---unbelievable athlete! haha So the Auburn game was a great game to watch and the the Alabama/ Tennessee game also. Then more baseball and football Sunday... And I decided to come home on Monday morning! We didn't do much obviously during the weekend but relax and get ready for another big push on Monday at practice!

It's go time! It is the bulk of our season and we are ready to get going.

Stefine "Jake" Pease is a senior setter for the Lady Bisons. She keeps a journal during the season to provide fans with glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes.