Lady Bisons volleyball adds Abby Fay
Friday, January 28, 2011
Lady Bisons volleyball adds Abby Fay

The Lipscomb Lady Bisons volleyball program has a history of attracting transfers who have consistently been major contributors to the team.

The latest on that list is Abby Fay, who is enrolled in the MBA program for the spring semester at Lipscomb with an emphasis in non-profits.

After playing volleyball for Kansas State, Fay, who sat out her final season, has one year of eligibility remaining. She was redshirted her freshman year at Kansas State, a perennial volleyball power in the Big 12.

“It hasn’t been too hard to come back after a year off,’ Fay said. “It is like riding a bike to an extent.

“I am still really, really rusty. But it is exciting to come back and play. I feel like a little kid again.”

Rosenthal has not seen Fay play in a match since she was in high school. He is not certain what position she will play though she has spent time as a setter, defensive specialist and libero.

“I didn’t have to see her play again,” Rosenthal said. “She is a program difference maker.

“She will be great in practice. She will be great in the locker room. She will be great on the road. She will be great on the court in games.”

Fay will benefit from the spring workouts with the team instead of waiting for fall drills. There are new teammates, new drills and new plays to learn as well as getting back into the rhythm of being back on the court.

“Every day we work with her I am more and more excited to see what is going on,” Rosenthal said. “She is an extremely hard worker. She is a tremendous athlete.

“The things we have tried to impress on her are to just relax and be herself. If Abby really focuses on being Abby and just playing I think we are going to see a lot of good things from her.”

The Lady Bisons have been a successful team for the past four seasons, averaging more than 20 wins a season and making three trips to the NCAA Tournament. Under Rosenthal the Lady Bisons are known for their hard work as well as for the fun they have in practice and games ranging from music during workouts to a variety of colorful practice shirts.

Fay played on the same club team as three top Lady Bisons players _ middle blocker Alex Kelly, setter Stefine “Jake” Pease and outside hitter Meghan Hinemeyer.

“It is not by chance that all of four them have the same work ethic,” Rosenthal said. “But they also have their own personalities. Tournament after tournament everyone was wondering what they were going to do with this team or that team. They left their mark on club volleyball.

“Their club team was one of the most exciting club teams. People gravitated towards them. They were the fiercest and the most competitive team around. They didn’t care who a team was, what the jersey said or how tall the players were they were. They were going to give everything they had.”

Rosenthal thinks that Fay deserves kudos for choosing to play for the Lady Bisons even though her former club teammates are leaving this year.

“She is on a team where three of her friends are but she is on her own,” Rosenthal said. “She has something on her mind that she wants to do. It is neat to see her go after it.”

Fay wants everyone to have fun playing volleyball, but she doesn’t think it is fun not to win.

“I want to get to know how everyone plays on the court,” Fay said. “But I also think it important to develop relationships off of the court because they will transfer back to the court.”

Rosenthal expects the other Lady Bisons will listen to what Fay has to say.

“We have a new team,” Rosenthal said. “Our players are setting the tone and moving forward. Abby brings us a different perspective.”

Written by Mark McGee, Senior Publisher/Director of Media Relations.