Caitlin's Corner: Behind the scene at the Arizona Invitational
Sunday, September 9, 2012
Caitlin's Corner: Behind the scene at the Arizona Invitational

Just to preface this blog, if you are here to read about our games, playing, etc. go look at the box score or summary stories. This is going to a behind the scenes look at Lipscomb Volleyball, the weird things we do that none of you know about. Get ready for the fanatical and sometimes bizarre inter-workings of LUV.

To start off our third and final preseason tournament, we headed to the airport at 5 a.m. to catch a flight to Arizona. To see the pictures of how lovely we all look before the sun came up, check the Lipscomb Volleyball Facebook page (shameless plug). We proceeded to get a team Instagram, which was big for everyone involved.

Upon arriving in stifling hot Phoenix, we made our way to Tucson, stopping at an ostrich farm. We had planned to spend an hour or so petting/playing/riding/whatever else we could think of with the ostriches. But since it was closed, we had to stare at the ostriches from afar- Letdown number one of the day.

Instead, we went to a lovely gas station where we found the biggest bison head I have ever seen. Unfortunately, it was too large to be a carry on and we had to leave without it- Letdown number two.

Tucson is not what any of us expected. The houses are adobe, and it is not a huge city, but it is hot. So so hot. In our hotel we all have our own mini pueblos, complete with fireplaces, very nice. For the most part, we slept a lot- the time change had us going to sleep at 8 p.m. Tucson time, so if nothing else we've all gotten a chance to catch up on some lost sleep.

Friday morning we had a lot of time to kill before our game, so we explored the Arizona campus. If you think parking at Lipscomb is bad, you should see this place. Posing and mimicking all their posters in the arena got us a few weird looks, but hey, we were bored.

Our first match did not go as well as planned, but we showed fight in games two and three. In our hour break our assistant coach, Jeff Wismer, got to watch some Desperate Housewives of New Jersey- his home state. He may not admit it, but he enjoyed it more than we did.

After pulling out a win against Iona, we headed to Mr. K's BBQ. We got to meet Mr. K himself, who actually opened up the restaurant especially for us.

Saturday, we came up short again and although the weekend did not go how we wanted, I hope we took away some lessons and will continue to grow and progress. Our team is young and we have a lot to learn, but we also have a solid base to build on.

The ride back to the Phoenix airport came with many chocolate chip cookies, courtesy of Ryan Daly's mom and some chess pie. Eating soothed our feelings and watching the scenery of Lonesome Dove roll out the window is how we concluded our Arizona trip.

One last thing- last year you may remember we went by the infamous'OchoCinco' nickname, we finally found one for the 2012 season. Take note everyone, from here on out, we will only respond to 'The Pack' or 'TheWolfpack'!