Caitlin's Corner: Behind the scene at FGCU and Stetson
Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Caitlin's Corner: Behind the scene at FGCU and Stetson

The Lipscomb volleyball team this year has turned out to be a complex jigsaw puzzle.

Once you first begin, the amount of different pieces seems overwhelming and nothing seems to fit, but slowly they start falling together. You may try to force things, but that never ends up working. In the end, you just have to have patience and faith that when you are done the picture will be worth the work. I have confidence that our picture is going to be phenomenal and our puzzle pieces will be in place by this weekend.

We hit the sky this past weekend and took off to Florida. First stop, Baltimore, 4:45 Thursday morning came quickly as we headed to the airport to fly to Baltimore to catch our connection to Fort Myers, also known as geriatric central.

After airport hopping and multiple naps we arrived and went straight to the beach. It was red tide and the beautiful sand was covered in dead, bloody fish, not exactly picturesque. No worries, we gave a few proper burials in the sand decorating them with shells. Afterward, we worked hard to perfect the jumping picture with the sunset in the background- you have no clue how difficult it is to get 12 girls airborne at the same time.

For dinner, we headed to the Island Cow where Kaycee Green tried her first mussel and about turned green. We celebrated Stephanie Rex's 21st birthday with a banana split and drove back to the hotel for some rest.

The next morning we were up for a practice at Florida Gulf Coast and then some relaxation at the hotel- Lauren and I instead spent that time taking a physics test (the opposite of relaxing). Pregame we watched a few of Ryan Daly's videos from his trip to Ethiopia- if you have not seen them, check out "Ordinary Hero", they are very inspirational.

Our game did not go the way we wanted, but we had no time to dwell on it because Stetson the next day required our focus. For a few minutes we got to cheer on our boys soccer team and give FGCU a little home heckling.

Sleeping on the floor of a Greyhound bus we embarked to Stetson. A late night arrival did not leave much time for anything but sleep and then a Saturday afternoon game. Arriving in DeLand, and quickly getting ready, we won in four and proceeded on our final leg of the trip- the Orlando airport. For those of you who fly frequently you know how truly exciting it is to have empty seats on the plane and almost everyone got their own row. It was fantastic.

Headed into this week we are all very focused and determined. We have one common goal and that is to make sure our puzzle is completed by Friday night. The A-Sun Tournament begins Thursday and we play Friday at 5 here in Allen Arena.

We hope to see you there!

LUV, The Pack