Caitlin's Corner: Big crowds and bro tanks
Monday, September 9, 2013
By Caitlin Dotson
Caitlin's Corner: Big crowds and bro tanks

Writing this blog for my senior year, I decided that I should focus on the things that we, as a team, LUV each week and things that we “Can’t Wait” for in the upcoming weeks.  It is a nice symmetry for really every aspect of my life as I wind down my time on the court and as a part of this amazing program I’ve come to think of as a home and family. 

So things we LUV for the week . . .we have to start with the great crowd that showed up for our pre-season home tournament this weekend.  Students, parents, friends and other family members gave us the support we needed to make a clean sweep.  

We LUV the way the team worked together to post some good wins.  We loved that the energy level was so high, and the ultra stylish bro tanks we gave out were an added incentive and a big hit with fans!  We also LUV that our very own Jewell Dobson sang the National Anthem to kick off our match against Samford which was covered by ESPN3.  We were so proud of Jewell and her beautiful voice.  

We also LUV’d assistant coach Billy Ebel’s 50 shades of gray outfit on Saturday- super chic. The thing we really LUV the most is our new “Can’t Wait” video.  If you haven’t seen it, go to the link.  A huge thank you to our videographers for producing such a great piece (shout out to Michael J Fox and Joe Sanderson)! 

Now for what we can’t wait for . . .next on our schedule is a trip to Virginia Tech to play in our last pre-season tournament of the season.  We can’t wait to visit the campus, but what you may not know is that our coaches always try to find something unique for us to do when we travel.  

We’ve gone up in the St. Louis arch, explored a llama farm, dined at some famous places and took a pseudo trip to an ostrich farm.  It’s always fun to be surprised- who knows what Hokie territory has in store for us.  Lastly, in looking forward, we can’t wait to play the University of Kentucky on our home court in two weeks.  

Several of us call Kentucky home, and our own assistant coach, Ann Armes, played there.  We are hoping to draw a stellar crowd as we look forward to trying to tame the Wildcats.

There you have it . . .what we LUVed for the past week and what we can’t wait for in the upcoming weeks.  As always a big thank you to all our fans and supporters.  Can’t wait to build on what we’ve started!