Caitlin's Corner: Everyday Magic
Sunday, September 15, 2013
By Caitlin Dotson
Caitlin's Corner: Everyday Magic

On our way to Virginia Tech, those of us who weren’t passed out for the five-hour drive watched the movie “Now You See Me”.

 I don’t want to give the ending away but I can tell you that it involves and promotes belief in magic. That started me thinking about magic – the everyday magic in having opportunities to try and push yourself further. The everyday magic you see in people’s eyes when they are doing something they are passionate about.

As a team, we need a little bit of magic, a spark that ignites a fire. I am not referring to the magic of pulling bunnies out of hats, but the kind that comes from believing in yourself, your mission, and those around you.

There’s magic in the way we play, when we play together and support each other.  People spend years perfecting tricks of illusion to wow an audience.

We have spent years preparing to put on a good show as well. We are still working to perfect our big finale. We believe, and that makes our magic real, unique and strong.

This week we LUV’d the movie on the bus and Molly Spitznagle’s hair every time she wakes up. Seriously, she looks like a jungle woman.

We also LUV’d playing our new superlatives game. Kaitlyn Teeter is most likely to mispronounce the whole Starbucks menu. Coach Ann Armes is most likely to win a Nobel Peace Prize while writing a children’s book. Lauren Ford is most likely to never be in a rap video. I’ll reveal more of those later!

Also, we loved that Brittnay Estes got to indulge in one of her passions at Virginia Tech- llamas. There was a farm in walking distance from the hotel and the first break we had, Britt got as close to the llamas as she could.

Lastly, we LUV’d getting to see the Virginia Tech Memorial. The campus was beautiful and the way the school remembers the tragic event is really touching. Seeing the stones served as a reminder to cherish the little things - even the most insignificant parts of the day.

We ended our trip with a modified game of baseball, with foam rollers and cardboard boxes in the locker-room as our pregame warm-up.  Who doesn’t LUV a multisport athlete!?

We #CANTWAIT to open conference play this Wednesday at NKU. We’ve been working toward this goal, and it’s finally conference time y’all!

We also can’t wait for our University of Kentucky game this weekend. Coach Ann is doubly excited since UK is her alma mater.

We are so excited to end our preseason tournaments and move on into the next stage. We’re hoping to find a few extra tricks along the way and work up to the “grandest of finales” in December.

Be sure and come see us Saturday at 2 at Allen Arena.  I can promise we’ll put on a show with a bit of magic for you!