Caitlin's Corner: Turning the page
Sunday, November 10, 2013
By Caitlin Dotson
Caitlin's Corner: Turning the page

One of the most gratifying hobbies in the world has to be journaling.

You get to write down your thoughts, emotions and really delve into your own mentality. You can create a world unique to your imagination.

Life should be lived like a journal. Every day is a fresh new white page filled with potential. You can write whatever stories you want and choose any color ink.

As ideas and images come to life on the page you become engrossed in the narrative you are creating. But really, the best part about a journal is YOU get to choose everything, including when to turn the page.

It’s time for Lipscomb Volleyball to turn the page. We have filled the current page with every possible color of ink: we wrote red frustrations, purple victories, black defeats and lots of golden colored memories.

ETSU provided an electric environment this weekend, hats off to their fans. We couldn’t finish- our pens were running out of ink and our page out of space.

Fortunately for us, we have a brand new clean page awaiting us ready for a new story and 15 authors all writing toward the same triumphant ending.

Thing we LUV’d on the trip to Johnson City and Spartanburg, S.C.: sleeper bus shenanigans, Les Miz (the movie and the LU play), our last conference road trip of the season and Kaitlyn Teeter’s explanation of the Illuminati.

#CANTWAIT for… Friday (senior night obviously), our last home games of the season, and to get back to practice and prepare for the most important week of conference- tourney time.