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Volleyball's 2015 recruiting class earns honor
Tuesday, May 26, 2015
By Mark McGee
Volleyball's 2015  recruiting class earns honor

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The 2015 recruiting class for Lipscomb volleyball isn’t on campus yet, but the six players are already receiving accolades. rated the Lipscomb class for "Highest Honorable Mention". They are one of 25 teams that “just missed” the Top 30 compiled by the web site.

The Lipscomb class is Carli Anderson, a 6-foot-1 right side from Apopka, Florida; Lauren Anderson, a 5-10 outside hitter from Mackinaw, Illinois; Calayci Coffey, a 6-0 middle blocker from Lexington, Kentucky; Marcella Emmanuelli, a 5-9 setter from Orlando, Florida; Hannah Hutcheson, a 6-1 right side/middle blocker from Brentwood, Tennessee; and Carly Nusbaum, a 5-10 outside hitter from Overland Park, Kansas.

“They have depth, but they have panache -a swagger -that extra little bit they all have,” Lipscomb coach Brandon Rosenthal said. “They are all very gritty. They are all the kind of players who want to get after it. I think when you put them together they make a dangerous group.

“These girls were very highly recruited. They are very aware of what they are getting into. They are very aware of wanting to take this program to the next level.”

Rosenthal expects all six players to challenge for positions and playing time.

“That is exciting, but it is also a little scary,” Rosenthal said. “You are trying to integrate six new personalities, and pretty big personalities into the team. We want to hit the ground running.

“They are a confident group of players, which is great. I have never been afraid of confidence. We have always searched out that confidence and this group definitely has it. This is going to be a group that is going to wow some people right out of the gates.”

A panel of college coaches from across the country provides input into making the final rankings.