No. Name Pos.
1 Megan Kuper OH
2 Bree Thompson OH
4 Alyssa Zwolensky DS/L
5 Ashley Maher DS/L
6 Lauren Myrick OH/RS
7 Alexis Triplett L/DS
8 Brooke Phillips S
10 Morgan Elmore S
11 Logan Gish OH
12 Garrett Joiner OH/RS
13 Megan Sullivan DS/L
15 Samantha Rubal MB
16 Maddie Phillips MB
18 Lanie Wagner OH
2019-20 Volleyball Coaches
Brandon Rosenthal Head Coach
Nate Thompson Assistant Coach
Rachel Ferguson Assistant Coach
Maggie Perkins Athletic Trainer
Sean Johnson Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Ann Toy Director of Sports Nutrition