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Volleyball > Roster

No. Name Pos.
1 Kayla Ostrom S
2 Jenny Phelan DS/L
3 Jewell Dobson MB
4 Brittnay Estes OH/OPP
5 Molly Spitznagle MB
6 Carli Anderson RS
7 Brittany Thomas DS/L
8 Chloe Rogers OH
9 Marcella Emmanuelli S
10 Kaitlyn Teeter OH
11 Hannah Hutcheson MB/RS
12 Carlyle Nusbaum OH
13 Lauren Anderson OH
14 Calayci Coffey MB
18 Katie Bradley MB
2015-16 Volleyball Coaches
Brandon Rosenthal Head Coach
Billy Ebel Associate Head Coach
Justin Beachy Assistant Coach
Ann Armes Director of Sports Nutrition
Kelsey Ferguson Athletic Trainer