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Volleyball > Roster

No. Name Pos.
1 Kayla Ostrom S
2 Jenny Phelan DS/L
3 Lauren Anderson OH
4 Taylor Racich RS
6 Carli Anderson RS
7 Brittany Thomas DS/L
8 Chloe Rogers OH
9 Marcella Emmanuelli S
10 Morgan Elmore S
12 Carlyle Nusbaum OH
14 Calayci Coffey MB
16 Maddie Phillips MB
18 Katie Bradley MB
2016-17 Volleyball Coaches
Brandon Rosenthal Head Coach
Billy Ebel Associate Head Coach
Justin Beachy Assistant Coach
Courtney Harnish Volunteer Assistant Coach
Sean Johnson Strength and Conditioning Coach
Kelsey Ferguson Athletic Trainer
Ann Toy Director of Sports Nutrition