No. Name Pos.
1 Megan Kuper OH
3 Lauren Anderson OH
4 Alyssa Zwolensky DS/L
5 Ashley Maher DS/L
6 Carli Anderson RS
7 Alexis Triplett L/DS
9 Marcella Emmanuelli S
10 Morgan Elmore S
11 Logan Gish OH
12 Carlyle Nusbaum OH
13 Megan Sullivan DS/L
14 Ca'Layci Coffey MB
15 Samantha Rubal MB
16 Maddie Phillips MB
18 Lanie Wagner OH
2018-19 Volleyball Coaches
Brandon Rosenthal Head Coach
Stephanie Ross Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator
Nate Thompson Assistant Coach
Lauryn Hyman Volunteer Assistant
Maggie Schweer Athletic Trainer
Sean Johnson Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Ann Toy Director of Sports Nutrition