Reece survived her first college basketball road trip
Thursday, November 4, 2010
Reece survived her first college basketball road trip
Not many people get too pumped about waking up at 5:15 on a Saturday morning, but we were. We were ready to actually get some game-like situations against another team! The morning started off with a trip to the locker room, making sure we packed everything we would need from ankle braces, socks, knee-pads, practice uniforms, to our Gatorade bottles. The bus was set to leave at 6 a.m.

We left campus and were told we had until 9 a.m. to sleep. We all took advantage of that! After all, we all knew our day would be a long one, and rest would be necessary. At 9, a wake-up call was given for the players on the bus and we were to stay awake for the remaining time, it was just a little over an hour. At this time, we were given our orders for our lunch-Lenny’s subs…sounds good huh?! Well, not exactly at 9 in the morning, but when you know you will not have another chance to eat until after 3, and that food will be necessary for energy, it wasn’t too bad.

At sometime between 9:30 and 10:00, we arrived and were shown to our locker room. It was the track locker room, but it was huge! It had a lobby with a number of nice chairs, two couches, and through a glass door, were the actual lockers. Needless to say, I was astonished. After all, I’m from a very small private high school where our locker room was nothing special and this was my first experience with something like this. Sure, it’s just a locker room, but I was still impressed.

After changing and getting ready, we went out onto the floor to warm up. The second my foot hit the floor, a knot began forming in my stomach. I realized how nervous I was. I had never experienced anything like this before. I was beginning to feel sick. I was psyching myself out because I was so nervous to actually have this opportunity to play another team! The first half of our four-hour scrimmage was to be controlled scrimmage settings with coaches stopping play to give instructions. I was the first player to be subbed in and I was so anxious and nervous, it was almost as if I had forgotten everything I had ever learned about the game. After, a time out call and a quick snap back to reality from my coaches, I was ready to get back in!

After everything was done, we loaded back up on the bus, grabbing the food they got for us. We were we so excited about eating. All that play made us really hungry (then again, I am a post player and I have a tendency of being hungry all the time!) We had chicken wings, chicken strips, macaroni and cheese, fruit cups, and baked beans (most of us decided not to eat those, after all we had a four hour trip back on a bus with each other and well…you get what I’m saying..) So we all ate on the bus, and most of us went right to sleep. We were exhausted. Some talked of how we did, how sore we were gonna be the next day and some napped, and the bus ride was pretty much over. Although it was a great experience for us as a team, we still cheered when the bus took the exit to get back to campus. The day was a success as a whole and allowed us to see what we needed to work on and get ready for our season to get started!!

Jess Reece is a freshman post player. This is her first journal of the season.