Jess Reece talks about game day preparations
Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Jess Reece talks about game day preparations
It was finally here. The day we were waiting for it seemed like forever now, had arrived. It was Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010. Just another day?! Not for the Lady Bisons basketball team. For us it was the day of our first game. Although it was an exhibition game, it was still a game. It was a chance for us to finally put our hard work and practice into effect.

The day started off with a shoot-around for the team at 11 a.m. It was a chance for us to work on shooting and review before our game with Harding. After about an hour of shoot-around, some of us decided to stay later for some extra work in order to prepare ourselves for 6:30.

The pregame meal was scheduled for 2:15. This was a chance for all of us on the team as well as coaches to go out to eat, spend some time together, and get some good food in our bodies to fuel ourselves through our game later. Of course, next time we all know not to let all the freshmen ride together; we might have been a few minutes late ;) But in our defense, traffic was bad, but still… After we all gathered at Jason’s Deli (it was my first time there, soo good. If you ever go, get the chicken alfredo, I’m just saying!) we left and had some time before we all met up again, but next time we would be in game mode. Naturally, most of us used our time well; we slept. Ha, a short power nap was a good idea for most of us. Just like 15 minutes was relaxing and made sure we weren’t sleepy for our game.

At 5:15 it was time for warm ups. We had to be completely dressed and ready, ankle braces, knee pads, ankles taped, uniforms on (first time getting to wear these uniforms. Yea, we were pumped!) Then a meeting in the locker room which began with a short pep talk from Coach Bennett. Then a devotion led by senior Miaca Bowman (before each game one player is picked to lead devotions). It was inspiring and made us all jump up ready to play, and beat Harding. One of the main points in Mimi’s devo was how we were picked in preseason polls to finish last. “I don’t know if that is exciting to you all, but I know for me it makes me want to get up and do everything it takes in order to prove all those people wrong! To go out there, to win and NOT finish last! After all, we can do so much better than last.” Those words really sank in with the team and we were ready to get out there and prove those people wrong.

A huddle in the team room, stretching, and warm-ups seemed to go by quickly because pretty soon, people started filling into the arena and tip off was approaching.With the band, cheerleaders, the announcer and the crowd, there was plenty of support for the Lipscomb Lady Bisons to defeat Harding (ironically, also the Bisons!) Again, I’m from a small, private Christian high school where we were lucky to get 20 people in our tiny gym to cheer for us (and since we didn’t have enough students in the entire high school to have a band or cheerleaders, they didn’t exist at our school!) .

Although rough at some times, and down by as much as 11, we were able to pull together in order tie the game up with 9 seconds left and put the game into overtime (although it was a huge team effort, Jenna Bartsokas making those last three foul shots was what tied it up.) In overtime, a few minutes passed and then back to being tied, but with some extraordinary play from the team in white, we were able to win 73-69. A great way to start our season, and a pattern we hope to improve on and keep as we travel to Colorado to play Air Force Academy this Friday! A big congratulations to my teammates after our first game and now let’s beat Air Force in Colorado Springs Friday.

Jess Reece is a freshman post player for the Lady Bisons. She will be writing a weekly blog on the season.