Jess Reece Blog No. 3
Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Jess Reece Blog No. 3
First off, my sincere apologies for not keeping up with the weekly updates! It’s been a hectic few weeks and the Lady Bisons are continuing to work hard.

Our last few games have included Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, then a stretch of home games against Tennessee Tech, Jacksonville State, Alabama A & M, and Tennessee State University. But most recently, we played won our conference opener with Mercer after we traveled to Central Arkansas. Sorry to not fill in on the details about the other games, I can’t remember that far back…oh except, the one really exciting thing about the Air Force trip, I had a lot of family travel out to watch us play, and I promised I’d give a shout out to my Papa Larry!! (Love you guys.).

But anyways, back to Central Arkansas, since the game was on a Monday, and we didn’t fly out, we had a short practice on Sunday morning right before we got on the sleeper bus which we would be traveling in for the next six hours!! Yea, as much fun as it sounds being on a bus for six hours, imagine doing it with an extreme headache from a concussion in the game the night before. It was awesome. But that aside, we all boarded the sleeper bus, some of us studied, took a nap, listened to our iPods, or just chilled and watched a movie in the back (Elf, my personal favorite.) We all anxiously counted down the minutes till we would stop to eat, after all, we pretty much (or at least I) stay hungry. About an hour more to go until we stopped to eat at Cracker Barrel (I think Billy got to pick where we eat, if I had to take a guess…) and we find out, we get to transfer buses, because apparently ours wasn’t running right. So, after waiting, we got to carry all our bags to another bus and hit the road once more. After arriving at our hotel, we were given the night to rest (no practice) and the time to prepare ourselves for the game the next day. After breakfast, we had a scouting report on the Sugar Bears (which to me is just a weird name for a mascot, but that’s just my opinion!) and pregame at McAlister’s deli, it was game time. It was a tough battle between the two teams, and although the Lady Bisons out hustled UCA in order to overcome the 11-point disadvantage after half-time, we feel short in the last few minutes of the game. After fouling them in order to get possession of the ball and them making their foul shots, we just couldn’t overcome the loss and ended up down by 9.

We are on the road in Clarksville Wednesday night against Austin Peay at 7. Please make the 45-minute drive to support us.