Women's hoops DR mission trip day one rewind
Monday, July 28, 2014
Women's hoops DR mission trip day one rewind

Lipscomb women's basketball junior Ashley Southern checks in with a recap of the team's first day in the Dominican Republic.


Today is Sunday. While everyone is headed to their weekly home church, the Lady Bisons are headed to our first Domincan Republice Spanish church service. While we were at church the preacher probably didn’t say five English words, but even though it was all in Spanish it was still a very moving experience. Even though we were divided by our language, we still were able to worship the same God. I think the preacher said it best when he said “Although we speak different languages, we are united together through Christ.”

After church we went up a mountain (that felt like climbing Mt. Everest) to Cassie’s (our mission trip leader) house. While we were there we walked up and down the streets and invited people to the movie “Fireproof” that would be shown that night.

While walking the streets I really started to realize how blessed we really are in the U.S. The thing that amazed me is that the Dominican people would give you the shirt off their back. As we walked the streets the people were so friendly. They would invite us in their houses and attempt to talk to us in Spanish.

One of the things that I think is the most different that the U.S. is that everyone hangs out outside and on the streets all day. Unlike the U.S. where everyone’s doors are locked and not welcoming to anyone. The Dominican people really have a tight community that welcomes everyone. In a weird way you are almost envious of how simple their lives are.

So far my favorite part of the trip is seeing how excited all the children are when they see us. It’s a blessing to see God’s love in all the children. This trip has already been a blessing and it’s only the beginning.


-Ashley Southern