Welcome rain greets Lady Bisons on day two of mission trip
Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Welcome rain greets Lady Bisons on day two of mission trip

Lipscomb women's basketball senior guard Sara Bliss reports in on the second day of the team's mission trip to the Dominican Republic. 

Today was the first time it has rained in Naverette in about two months and it was obviously the first time some of my team had done manual labor in their lives! Watching some of them shovel dirt or try to swing the pickaxe was comical. Even though we weren’t very skilled at any of the work, we gave it our all.

We had to dig the footers for the basketball court that we are building. That was a daunting task. First, one person would start with the pickaxe and break up the dirt. Then, a person with a shovel would shovel out the dirt. This took place until lunch. After lunch and our siesta, we continued to dig. The digging finally was completed around 3 o’clock.

The digging was by far the hardest part of the day. We then had to square off the bottom and sides of the footer. As we were doing that, it started to rain. The rain was a blessing for us and the people of Naverette; we needed the rain for cooling purposes and they needed rain for practical purposes. Overall, it was a very successful day. We completed more than I thought we could. I am proud of my team for working as hard as they did with no complaints.

Even though I have just been talk about working so far, some of the things that really stood out to me come from things that take place in the community. The kids are precious and their smiles will just warm your heart. The kids are cute and fun to be around, but what shocked me the most about them happened this morning when we first started working on the court.

The children of the community saw us digging and without us even asking, they came and tried to take our shovels. I don’t know if they wanted to work or thought women shouldn’t be doing this type of work, but whatever the case, they worked extremely hard in very hot conditions. I think the reasons they wanted to work was because they knew that this basketball court would be theirs once it was finished. They have very little, so the court will be theirs and I think they are very excited about that. Without their help we would have not finished as much work as we did.

The few days that we have been here have been great! I know all of us are out of out comfort zones, but we are taking it all in stride. We are all doing well and enjoying out time with the people of Naverette. This is a great experience and I am grateful for the opportunity, and I cannot wait to be home and share my experience with them!


-Sara Bliss