Women's hoops reports for first week of workouts
Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Women's hoops reports for first week of workouts

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Lipscomb women’s basketball team’s first week of workouts is in full swing.

While the team began its rounds in the weight room this week, the Purple and Gold have actually been preparing for the upcoming season since their mission trip to the Dominican Republic this summer.

“Everything we do builds toward the season,” said head coach Greg Brown. “For the upperclassmen, workouts started in the spring. But we had the opportunity this year to take a mission trip at the end of July and August.

“Even though there was nothing sports specific on the trip, everything we did built into becoming a better team.”

Brown noted the three aspects emphasized during the mission trip were fundamentals, conditioning, and building team spirit.

“Each of the three aspects is needed to be successful,” Brown said. “That mission trip meant so much for us. We used team spirit to be able to help and serve people.

“We also had the opportunity to be together for eight days while serving another group and get outside of ourselves.”

The mission trip proved to leave an impact on the team. The Lady Bisons came home with a strong work ethic and the mentality of serving others.

While the trip to the Dominican Republic played a key role in strengthening the team mentally, the girls were soon ready to move on to the weight room to become stronger physically.

“A typical day for them right now with their class schedules is pretty tough,” Brown said. “Anything we do as a team has to be done before 7:30 a.m.

“Once we get into September and get into our regular practice, everything will be done before class.”

Inspired by the workouts, the team will sharpen its on-court abilities including a few specific skills emphasized by the coaching staff.

“We’re encouraging fundamentals from footwork to shooting,” Brown said. “We have to be much more efficient and much tighter with the ball.”

Also in the realm of training is the ability for experienced veterans to mold the freshmen into the specialized culture of Lipscomb women’s basketball.

“Alex Banks, Kelli Smith, and a couple others have two seasons under their belt of what we do,” Brown said. “I think that’s invaluable to be able to teach a freshman what’s us and what’s not us.

“Now we have a senior that understands what we’re doing,” Brown said. “Sarah (Bliss) has that senior sense of urgency. She certainly stepped up in leadership and in being vocal.”

The team is scheduled to put its training and preparation to the test when preseason play begins Oct. 30.