Women's hoops surprised with Navy SEAL boot camp
Monday, August 31, 2015
By Logan Butts
Women's hoops surprised with Navy SEAL boot camp

NASHVILLE – The women’s basketball team was surprised with a Navy SEAL-inspired, team building session on Friday afternoon. 

Stonewall Solutions, a company run by former Navy SEALs, help high school, college and professional teams work on what they call the “Fundamentals of Winning” which include: teamwork, leadership, communication, failure analyzation and desire to win vs. hope to win.

“We went and worked with Vanderbilt’s football team as a favor for someone who was working with them, and from there the concept was born,” Stonewall Solutions instructor Jason Kun said. “We realized how we could influence players, and help them be more successful on the field.

“After that program, we really sat down and developed the curriculum and made it something that was very applicable to athletics rather than just a motivational day or a beat-down ession.”

Kuhn, a former Division I baseball player, believes that what he learned in his time as a SEAL can be translated to the field of play.

“It helps to make the analogy from the battlefield to the athletic arena,” Kuhn said. “We take the things that we did with the SEAL teams and the things that we did on the battlefield, and then apply them to sports.”

Friday’s session included a stint in the classroom where the Lady Bisons where taught the principles of the Stonewall Solutions program followed by an outdoor mini boot camp-esque event that involved everything from traditional exercises like pushups and sprints to tire flipping and log carrying.

“Anytime you can improve communication or improve team dynamics is good for the team,” women’s basketball head coach Greg Brown said. “To go out and do it on the field, and do it in a different setting than basketball, with that repetition of variety is good for us.”

Brown and the staff kept the visit from Stonewall Solutions as a surprise to the team, who did not find out until Wednesday.

“I guess we kept this from about June until Wednesday,” Brown said. “We did it to build to that moment, to give them something to think about and to see what their expression was when we told them.”

Stonewall Solutions has helped everyone from the New York Yankees to the Independence High School football team with the Lady Bisons now joining their ranks.