Women's basketball's 2016 Service Day aboard the Eastern Surveyor
Monday, May 2, 2016
By Logan Butts
Women's basketball's 2016 Service Day aboard the Eastern Surveyor

NASHVILLE – As part of the annual Service Day at Lipscomb, the women’s basketball team ventured out into the waters of the Cumberland River to help Captain Vic Scoggins aboard his USCG-certified research vessel the Eastern Surveyor.

Scoggins, a United States Naval veteran, uses the Surveyor to help teach, explore, and maintain the Cumberland River.

The Lady Bisons spent the day with Scoggins aboard the Surveyor organizing the contents of the ship and cleaning everything from the engine room floors to the kitchen.

“Cleaning is the start to knowing the vessel,” Scoggins said. “If you can clean, it then you are learning all the areas and become more comfortable aboard." 

In the summer of 1996, Scoggins swam all 700 miles of the river to draw attention to the considerable amount of pollution in its waters. The feat took him two months, all while a boat traveled alongside Scoggins with a banner bearing the name of his company:  “Save the Cumberland.”

“Getting to meet Captain Scoggins and hear about his passion for the Cumberland and his story was inspiring,” said rising junior Amber Fuqua. “Then, simply getting to help him by cleaning and organizing what we could on his boat was very life-giving. Captain Scoggins does so much for the community, so it was great being able to give back.”

For further information or to help Scoggins with his efforts, visit www.savethecumberland.org