Women's hoops begins mission trip in Nicaragua
Monday, August 1, 2016
By Clay Crothers
Women's hoops begins mission trip in Nicaragua

Our mission trip to Nicaragua could not have started in a better way. Today we had the opportunity to worship with two churches associated with Hope Road. First, in the morning we went to Kilometer 54 which was in a more rural area. KM 54 had many young kids, with whom our girls made instant connections with. After church we did everything from playing stickball and frisbee, to passing out candy and silly bands.

Then we drove just a few miles west to the beach to take a group picture. Surrounded by docked boats, freshly scaled fish, and wet pants/skirts from a wave that came just a little too far up the shore, we got a few minutes to soak in one of the many sights of beauty in this country. After lunch we headed back to the house for some much needed down time. Our house is beautiful and the people that are here working with us are even more so. We are most definitely staying well fed.

Next, we went to church at Los Cedros with some of our new friends from Casa Norma. We got there just a little early, so we walked around the neighborhood first and see how the people of this area lived. The service was fantastic. A large portion of the service was a beautiful outpouring of praise and worship, and our team really enjoyed it. Despite the fact that we speak a different language, we all understand that we are serving the same God. The theme of the day was the meshing of our cultures through worship. We spent some time back at the house in a really good discussion about the day, since we all see things through a different lens.

We all share the same goal, and that is growing closer to Him. It does not matter where we are from, what we look like, or what language we speak. We are all His. There is beauty in our differences, which makes the beauty in the thing we all share even greater.

Thanks for all of your support! We are excited to continue to share in this journey with all of you!