Women's basketball continues work on day three in Nicaragua
Wednesday, August 3, 2016
By Clay Crothers
Women's basketball continues work on day three in Nicaragua

We began day three back at Rayti Bokay to finish up our painting work from yesterday. Everyone jumped right in and got to work, and we finished in what seemed like no time. As we finished up, we came together for a picture and to pray over the center.

Just before we left, a little girl from the center (in the picture) wanted to pray over us and the work we did. This was one of the more powerful moments for our team this week. She spoke from the heart, and blessed our team and the rest of our week. This made leaving the center a little more emotional, as we knew that we were not returning to Rayti Bokay.

After stopping back at the house for lunch, we headed back out to visit with the children of Cristo Rey. When we got there, the children all ran out yelling with excitement that we were there. Cristo Rey was in a little bit rougher condition than Rayti Bokay. Hope Road has been working with them to try to build it back up and has plans to make some additions in the near future.

Cristo Rey also has classrooms, a sports court, and a computer lab. In addition, they have a boxing ministry for the kids there. We got to watch some of the kids spar with each other, and we tried unsuccessfully to get some of ours to join in. After we gave out another wave of bouncy balls and other toys, we played soccer and basketball with the kids.

After we were all tired out from running around, we headed back to the house for dinner. Back by popular demand, after dinner we played another round of "mafia" before we began our devo time together. Tonight, the team dug even a little bit deeper in this time. They continue to amaze me and the rest of the staff with how open they have been with this experience, and how much they have embraced "being comfortable with being uncomfortable".

The bond that this team is forming goes much, much deeper than basketball, and it is exactly what we envisioned for this group. We have been truly experiencing the love of God on this trip in the way the girls have lifted their teammates up, in the way they have loved on this community, and the way the kids have loved us. Simply said, there is a lot of joy.