Day four fruitful for women's basketball in Nicaragua
Thursday, August 4, 2016
By Alex Banks
Day four fruitful for women's basketball in Nicaragua

Day four in Managua, Nicaragua has come and gone too fast.  The morning started off with the usual cup of Nicaraguan coffee and breakfast tacos with rice and fruit.  After our team lathered on the bug spray and sunscreen, we were off for another day full of work and fun in the community.

Today our team split up into four groups and went to serve throughout the community.  Three groups went to Los Cedros, Benjamin Sequeira, and Santa Rita to help a few dedicated women in the community serve lunch for kids after their morning school.  The fourth group went to hand out sheets of metal to five different houses in the community.  The families were using these sheets of metal to put a roof over their heads.  It was very humbling and rewarding in getting to see the looks on the faces of the people receiving the metal for a roof.  They were all beaming with joy and gratitude for the gift they had been given. 

After helping serve meals and providing roofs all morning, our team came back together to eat lunch, play lots of sports, and love on the kids in the community for the rest of the afternoon.  The kids in the community loved to split up the “Americanos” with the Nicaraguans to play basketball games for next three hours.  While some girls on the team were playing basketball, others were playing games of ultimate frisbee, soccer or duck duck goose.  What was really cool to see throughout the day was the amount of love and joy the kids in the community had just being in the presence of our team.  There is a definite language barrier between the community and our team, but none of it matters because being able to love one another with the love of Christ speaks louder than any words ever could."