Women's Basketball says its goodbyes on Day Six in Nicaragua
Monday, August 8, 2016
By Clay Crothers
Women's Basketball says its goodbyes on Day Six in Nicaragua

We received some good news for our final day, and it was that we got to go back to Rayti Bokay.

There was still a little bit of painting left to do there, so we spent our morning doing that and playing with the kids. It was just as fulfilling as it was earlier this week.

We have all learned so much from the people here, and our time with them has been priceless. Once again it wasn't easy to leave this center, especially knowing that our week is almost over. From there we went back to the house for a quick lunch before heading out to the market.

At the market we shopped for different trinkets and local gifts to bring back home. I imagine many of you reading this will be receiving some of what was bought today.

After we had all shopped, we headed to Catarina, a tourist village with a spectacular lake lookout point. We soaked up another amazing view for a little bit and then headed to dinner. We went out for dinner tonight to a nice restaurant, Chik Chak.

We enjoyed some good fellowship time together as we ate, and then we headed back home after another full day. The goodbyes started a little earlier than we wanted as we had to say goodbye to Abid and Amy.

These two had been translating for us throughout this week, and I think I speak for everyone when I say we cherished the time spent with these amazing people. I'm not sure if we are ready for tomorrow, but I do know that the desire to see these people again is alive.

We will see all of you very soon! Thank you for joining us on this amazing trip.