Inside the Herd: Emily Kmec
Tuesday, October 4, 2016
By Logan Butts
Inside the Herd: Emily Kmec

With a roster full of both fresh faces and returning members, we will be doing an “Inside the Herd” series to help get to know this year’s women’s basketball roster.

First up will be freshman Emily Kmec, a forward from Carmel, Indiana.

What’s been the biggest difference between high school and college so far?

“Managing your time. There’s stuff to do all the time. You’ll have practice for a while, and then you’ll come back and be exhausted, but you know you still have to do your homework and eat.  That’s definitely been a big adjustment.”

What’s been the biggest on-court difference?

“For me, it’s been getting used to how there are so many of us. There are 18 of us, and at my old school there wasn’t that many, so we kind of just scrimmaged or did whatever. But, here it’s like ‘you all need to be in this place at this spot and you have to pay attention and make sure you can do the drill in the next two minutes.’ Everything is going everywhere, but it all runs smoothly in a way.”

Why did you choose Lipscomb?

 “The people here are so nice, and I love Nashville. I had been down here a couple of times, and I would love coming here. I knew Lauren (Rau) who’s one of our teammates who committed before I came down here, so I knew her ahead of time and if I did decide to come here I’d be playing with her.”

What are you majoring in and why?

 “I’m going to try to double major and do marketing and finance.

“When I was a junior in high school my mom took me to one of those tests that help you figure out what you want to do with your life. It told me I had all the qualities for being a business major, and I joined a business club at my high school and fell in love with it.”

What off-court hobbies do you have?

“I like watching movies a lot. I’m not sure what my favorite movie is off the top of my head, but I recently watched The Parent Trap the other day, which is great. I like shopping. I like to cook, even though there are not that many opportunities to do that here.”

Coach Greg Brown’s thoughts on Emily:

Emily is going to redshirt for us this year. She injured her knee playing before school actually even started. But, it will be a great learning experience for her. It will give her a chance to rehab, and then come in as a veteran freshman which is a neat deal for us.”