Inside the Herd: Carleigh Short
Wednesday, October 12, 2016
By Logan Butts
Inside the Herd: Carleigh Short

Next up in the “Inside the Herd” series will be freshman Carleigh Short. Allen comes from Hendersonville, Tennessee where she played guard at Hendersonville High School.  

What’s been the biggest difference between high school and college basketball so far?

“Practices. My high school wasn’t very intense at practice because most girls played soccer and had basketball as a backup. So, it’s been a big difference in intensity.”

What’s been the biggest off-court difference between the two?

“For me, it’s been transitioning with school. Studying for harder classes because I never really had to do that in high school.”

How did you hear about Lipscomb?
“I came to camps here when I was little. I wanted to go here anyway, and it ended up working out with basketball.”  

What off-court hobbies do you have?

“I like to read, and I just like to be outside. My favorite books are varied. I like the cheesy, Nicholas Sparks type books, but my favorite genres are probably mystery and crime.”

Coach Brown’s thoughts on Carleigh:

“She’s a hard worker. Fans will like the aggressiveness she plays with. She brings a lot of poise to the point position.”