Inside the Herd: Bri Melton
Friday, October 21, 2016
By Logan Butts
Inside the Herd: Bri Melton

Next up in the “Inside the Herd” series will be sophomore Bri Melton. Melton, who hails from McMinnville, Tennessee, is entering her second season with the Lady Bisons.

With so many new players, do you feel the pressure to provide leadership as a returnee?

“It’s definitely there, but our junior college players definitely bring some experience. Knowing that they have two years under their belt helps a lot. I think our freshman have done a good job coming in and practicing hard.

"Overall, I don’t feel something overbearing on me. The team’s done really well, and the leaders ahead of me are doing a great job.”

What’s been the biggest transition between freshman and sophomore year?

“I think it’s been a better transition, honestly. Coming in and knowing what to expect is easier than the transition from high school to freshman year. It’s not as overwhelming.”  

Who is your basketball hero?
“It’s definitely Pat Summit. I just want  to take in her standards and live up to that.”  

What off-court hobbies do you have?

“Just being with friends and having fun and laughing. I love listening to music as well.”    

Coach Brown’s thoughts on Bri:

“Bri busts her tail every day. She brings something for us by making everybody better every day in practice. She represents the program well every time she steps on the court.”