Inside the Herd: Jess Davies
Monday, October 31, 2016
By Logan Butts
Inside the Herd: Jess Davies

Next up in the “Inside the Herd” series will be sophomore Jess Davies. Davies, who hails from Watford, England, is entering her second season with the Lady Bisons.

You played for the English national team at the U20 European Championships over the summer. How was that?

“It was really fun. We did well. We came in fifth in the tournament of 16, which is one of the best we’ve done in history.

“It was nice to play against people who have gone to colleges in America that are from different parts of England and to see how they play now after a year in college.

“Playing in the tournament gave me more confidence I’d say, and helped me to see where I’ve come this year compared to where I was.”

What has it been like to be a returnee with so many new players on the roster?

“I think it’s been pretty smooth transition so far. Everyone has made the effort to reach out to other people and hang out together. I personally haven’t felt pressure to be a leader just because I’m still one of the youngest on the team.”

What is a goal you have for yourself for this season?

“To keep improving every day and to not compare myself to other people. Just doing the best I can in things that I’m here for.

What off-court hobbies do you have?

“Netflix and shopping.”

Coach Brown’s thoughts on Jess:

“She came on at the end of last year like, and had a great summer over in England for her national team. She’s looked really confident this fall. We’ve talked about her improved maturity level as well.”