Inside the Herd: Auriana Broughton
Wednesday, November 2, 2016
By Logan Butts
Inside the Herd: Auriana Broughton

Next up in the “Inside the Herd” series will be junior Auriana Broughton. Broughton, who hails from Lithonia, Georgia, is entering her first season with the Lady Bisons after suiting up for Georgia Highlands College.

How was your first impression of Lipscomb?

“I loved the people, and how nice everybody seemed. On my visit they took me to the business office because I’m a corporate marketing and everybody in there was so nice and helpful. My mom said ‘is everybody on their best behavior or is this how they are all the time?’ But that’s really how they are.”

What’s been the biggest difference so far between Lipscomb and your previous school?

“I came from a junior college, so that’s a totally different realm of rules even. The NCAA has rules on how long we can practice, but in junior college there were no rules like that. Here, it is more structured than it was there. The workload doesn’t feel different though, it’s just the rules that are different for me.”

What’s been the biggest on-court difference?

“The pace is faster. At my old school we may have learned maybe two plays a practice, but here we go through like five new things in a short span. So, I think that keeping up with the pace is the biggest difference.”

What off-court hobbies do you have?

“I love to get my nails done. I don’t want to sound like a typical girl, but I like to shop.”

Coach Brown’s thoughts on Auriana:

“She’s a really strong defender. She’s athletic on offense, brings great tempo and great energy and a great personality. She’s a lot of fun.”