XC and Track's Candice Cox: Where Are They Now?
Wednesday, December 16, 2015
XC and Track's Candice Cox: Where Are They Now?
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Candice Cox, a former cross country and track and field performer for Lipscomb University, has proved you can go home again. She returned to her home of Longview, Texas several years ago, but this year she also returned to her old school, Pine Tree High, to teach Spanish. She spent some time this past week talking with Lipscombsports.com about her time at Lipscomb.

What years were you a runner at Lipscomb? Who were your coaches?

"I was at Lipscomb from 2002-2006. I ran cross country and track. My coaches were Clay Nix and then Karen Robichaud."

Why did you decide to attend Lipscomb?

"I wanted to move away from home. I wanted to run. When I went to visit Lipscomb I fell in love with the team. I really liked the school. I had a great visit.

"People in my area usually go to Harding or to Abilene Christian. I didn't know a lot about Lipscomb before I visited."

What is your fondest athletic memory at Lipscomb?

"The cold tub and running at Percy Warner Park.

"I don't have a specific meet that stands out, but we loved running at the park. The first meet of each year at Percy Warner was always a fun one because our family and friends could be there."

Who had the biggest influence on you during your athletic career at Lipscomb? How?

"I would have to say it was the team. The cross country team is big now, but it was small when I was there.

"We were very close-knit. We were all encouraging each other, but there was also that level of competition.

"Heidi Cavender was two years older than me. I looked up to her. She was very inspirational with her personality. She was the top runner at the time. She was a very hard worker, even outside of school."

What is your fondest non-athletic memory from your time at Lipscomb?

"We cross country girls are kind of crazy. We would have what we called `Sunday night adventures'. We used to do fun things.

"We had a `Happy Tim Roberts' party in the business building. He was on the cross country team, but I can't remember his last name. We made too much noise and we were told we needed to calm down.

"We put hearts all over school that said `We love Caleb Rucker' or `Caleb Rucker is awesome'. On Monday people were walking around campus asking, `Who is Caleb Rucker?'

"One class really stands out. It was Maymester and we went to Honduras. I would like to take a group of students some place like that as a class or service project. We studied for the class, but we also traveled and volunteered."

What is the most valuable thing you gained or learned from your time at Lipscomb?

"Actually, I would say it didn't come out until recently. Although I had a great experience at Lipscomb I had some personal problems so it was a really difficult time as well.

"I kind of withdrew during that time. Now, looking back on that, I saw how not to do things. And that stands out now. Whenever I go through bad times I reach out instead of withdrawing. That has really impacted my life to have to go through that hardship then and being able to learn from it and use it now.

"My teammates were huge supporters. I still talk with them. They know what I went through. They were a great support then and a great support now."

Who was your favorite professor? Why?

"Cheryl Lindsay was the main Spanish teacher at the time. We learned songs we could use on mission trips and stuff.

"Hazel Archer was the head of the social work department. She was easy to talk to. I really enjoyed her classes.

"I majored in social work and minored in Spanish."

Where do you live now?

"Longview, Texas."

Who is your employer? What is your occupation? What does your position entail?

"This is my first year to teach Spanish at Pine Tree High School. I have been living in Longview since 2009. I was a social worker, but I decided to change careers. I have a Master's degree in social work.

"It was time to make a change. I really love Spanish."

Tell us about your family.

"I am single."

My email address is cando.cox@gmail.com.