Volleyball hits the weight room in preparation for spring practice
Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Volleyball hits the weight room in preparation for spring practice

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Lipscomb volleyball team has been hitting the weight room and with strength and conditioning coach Will Osborn for the last couple of weeks in preparation for spring practice.

“Things have been going well,” Lipscomb head coach Brandon Rosenthal said.  “We have put a lot of emphasis on the strength and conditioning section and Osborn has done a fantastic job. 

“With the limited number of touches and hours on the court, we are trying to utilize that a little bit more in the weight room and the girls have been going at it pretty hard.”

The Lady Bisons have also been outside of the weight room with individual workouts with the coaching staff.

“We’ve had some really good individual sessions and continue to do that on a daily basis with the girls,” Rosenthal said.  “Things are starting to progress with our team.  It’s probably the most rounded team that we’ve had in the spring with the idea that we can make some huge strides this fall.”

This offseason, the Lipscomb volleyball team is returning 10 student-athletes.

“It’s been a while since we’ve had this amount of players in the spring that are relatively healthy,” Rosenthal said.  “Last year we had a good amount of people, but we were faced with some injuries.  It’s exciting to know when it does come into full practice, we will be able to get more than if we only had five or six players.  I’m really excited about that.” 

In about a week, the Lipscomb volleyball team will be entering their spring practice, having a 20-hour week practice schedule.

“We are really looking forward to the full spring practice,” Rosenthal said.  “The emphasis on our side for the girls has been to hold each other accountable and create that atmosphere in practice and I think they’ve done a nice job of that. 

”One of the things that we’ve been trying to push is the idea of really trying to push each other and taking it to the next level.  I love what I see.”

The spring practice has allowed the coaching staff to throw some new ideas learned over the past season to the players.

“Jeff (Wismer) has done a fantastic job of integrating some new things that we’ve seen over the past year and we are really trying to incorporate that,” Rosenthal said.  It’s been fun from the coaching stand point because we have a little more time to throw ideas around and really try some new things.”