Women's golf Nicaragua Mission Day Two
Tuesday, July 18, 2017
By Jenny Muesing
Women's golf Nicaragua Mission Day Two

The Lady Bisons are spending seven days on a mission trip to Managua, Nicaragua as the team of 13 serves the people there.

Day two proved to be just as amazing as day one. This morning we got the opportunity to serve at a community center in the city. The area we went to was very crowded with people and small buildings, yet the community center seemed to be an oasis from everything for the children. We didn’t have a set schedule for our time there other than to have fun with the kids and share God’s love. Despite the language barrier, we were able to connect with these kids instantly. It was so amazing to see how each one of us could use our unique talents to reach out to the kids. Some of us found our niche in playing soccer with the kids while some of us seemed to do well with arts and crafts. Just like yesterday, it was amazing to see how God doesn’t let any barriers keep us from spreading His word and sharing in His blessings. At the end we gave a short testimony with the help of our translator, David, and told them about how vast God’s love for them is no matter what.

For the afternoon, we headed back to the church community that we had visited yesterday morning for the church service. It was so fun to see some of the kids again and they were just as excited to see us. Once again, we didn’t have a set plan for our time there other than to interact and have a good time, and boy did we ever! I don’t think I have ever smiled as much as I did with those kids this afternoon. For those who were lucky enough to see, I had a major wipeout while playing soccer and landed directly in the mud. The kids laughed as though it was the funniest thing they had ever seen in their whole life, and I couldn’t help but laugh with them. As I was laying there on the ground, one of the boys came and helped me up and brought me over to their small house where he gave me a cup of clean water and a little bit of soap. That was one of the most humbling things I have ever encountered; they have so little yet they were willing to give me their clean water and soap without even thinking twice, and they were happy to do it. For the rest of the afternoon we continued to play with the kids and again we were amazed at how God is allowing us to communicate with one another in different languages. It was humbling to me as we left the community because here we were getting into our air conditioned van and heading to a house with running water while they are walking back to their homes barefoot through the mud. Their love for God is so great and even though the world may view their circumstances as poor, they see themselves as so incredibly blessed since they have a relationship with God. I’m not sure we are going to get the chance to go back there this week so it was very hard to say goodbye, but I know that those kids will forever have a special place in our hearts.