Women's golf Nicaragua Mission Day Five
Friday, July 21, 2017
By Breanna Hanus
Women's golf Nicaragua Mission Day Five

The Lady Bisons are spending seven days on a mission trip to Managua, Nicaragua as the team of 13 serves the people there.

We started our day early, which showed just how empty we are from serving these wonderful people here. On Tuesday, we bought all of the supplies to take back to Los Pipitos, the special-needs center in San Rafael Del Sur. As we walked off the bus with all of our supplies for the director to take inventory, you could see the biggest smile all of the workers there had on their faces. This special-needs center has received no funding from the government here in Nicaragua for some time now. The Pastor, Pastora, and leaders of the church have been praying a lot for resources and how to receive them for the sixty children that go to this center. Currently, the children are working on making hammocks to sell to the community to raise funds for the center. 

As soon as we got to the center, everyone divided and conquered the work. The team repainted the pool and pool deck, repainted the tables and chairs in the art room, organized the art supplies that were donated, repainted the kitchen and moved things around to make the kitchen more functional. The people were very happy that all of this work has been completed. So, I ask that you continuously keep praying for these amazing children, their families, and the workers at this wonderful center. After completing the work, the director and pastors prayed over all of us for all the blessings that we have given to this facility.

Then, we drove to Masa Chapa to go out into the Pacific Ocean. There's something so powerful being at the ocean. Feeling the wind and seeing the waves crash into us and go back into the ocean is breathtaking. After working for hours and having paint all over us it was wonderful to feel clean.  We listened to a song while sitting at the ocean, watching the waves come in as a storm was going over the ocean in the distance. Natalie Grant sings "There's nothing too dirty that You can't make worthy. You wash me in mercy. I am clean." I felt the power of God working as I walked along the edge of the water. He washed me with forgiveness, kindness, and compassion. The compassion I have seen in each one of my teammates and leaders is beyond amazing; to see God working through each one of these women is pure joy.

Tonight, we sat around playing a game together which was filled with laughter and reflecting on today's time at the center and our time spent together. The biggest thing I've learned during this time is what it means to be present. Present with yourself, with others, and most importantly with God. Each night we've been asked, "How have you seen God work today?" and I think that is a question that I'm going to continue to ask myself for a while as we return home soon.

For our last day in Nicaragua, we will be going to Grenada. It's our last day to connect with each other fully and be present as a team before going our separate ways until the school year begins. I ask for you to begin praying for our safety back home and to be able to give our all one last time to these people. The blessings that I have seen God work through these people is just incredible.