Track and field's Keith Ray: Where are they now? recently caught up with former track and field athlete Keith Ray.

Baseball and Women's Basketball's Paul and Karli (Osborn) Piennette: Where are they now?

A pair of former Bisons, Paul and Karli (Osborn) Piennette pair up for this week's edition of Where are they Now??

Women's soccer's Kirsten Dodson: Where are they now? recently chatted with former women's soccer player Kirsten Dodson about her time on campus as a Bison.

Cross Country/Track and Field's Earl Lavender: Where are they now?

A familiar face on the Lipscomb campus, Lipscomb professor Earl Lavender sat down with for this week's Q&A.

Track and field's April Terry: Where are they now?

Former track and field standout April Terry is featured in the latest edition of "Where are they now?"

Cross Country's Dan Turner: Where Are They Now?

Dan Turner was a cross country runner for Lipscomb. His career in physical therapy allows him to work on patients needing help, especially runners and cyclists.

Softball's Rena' Cothron: Where Are They Now?

Rena' Cothron is back at Draper Diamond at Smith Stadium, but she is in the press box instead of the field.

Baseball's Mike Cunningham: Where Are They Now?

Former Lipscomb baseball player Mike Cunningham, left, made the transition from selling bats and balls to selling coffee and tea.

Softball's Heather Parker: Where Are They Now?

Heather is joined by her brother, Heath; mother, April and father, Buddy.

Dr. James Lee McDonough: Men's Tennis Where Are They Now?

Dr. James Lee McDonough, a former history professor at Lipscomb University, was on campus Tuesday night talking about his book on William Tecumseh Sherman.