Baseball's Jim Minnick: Where Are They Now?

We spoke recently with Jim Minnick, a right-handed slugger who split up his Lipscomb baseball career with an overseas stint. We learned about why he changed positions, how he met his wife, and whom he considered his favorite professors in this week's edition of Where Are They Now?

Athletics Mascot Joe Crosby: Where Are They Now?

He’s still remembered as the mascot who “owned” the character, dressing LU in a referee shirt, a pink tutu, and a farmer outfit. Today he works in Nashville, is happily married, and is “owned” by their new daughter. Learn more about LU Bison mascot Joe Crosby from his conversation this week with

Men's Soccer's Jeffrey Maddux: Where Are They Now?

In this week's edition of Where Are They Now, sat down for a brief conversation with this early member of the Lipscomb men's soccer program, Jeffrey Maddux.

Cheerleading's Miki Grisham: Where Are They Now?

A four-year cheerleader for the Bisons and an ideal representative for the university, we caught up with Miki Grisham this week for a brief conversation in this week's edition of Where Are They Now?

Men's Golf's Taylor Combs: Where Are They Now?

Recruited to play golf, he came to Lipscomb in 2011 with an eye on business. He graduated in December 2014 with a wife, a degree in Theology & Ministry, and more than his share of valuable lessons. Taylor Combs sat down this week with to speak about what he learned in his time on campus.

Men's Tennis' Dustin Overbeek: Where Are They Now?

In this week's edition of Where Are They Now?, caught up with former Bisons tennis player Dustin Overbeek.

Men's Basketball's Duwain Houston: Where Are They Now?

A disciple of Coach Don Meyer and a product of his system, Duwain Houston is a Bison Basketball success story. He has translated his Lipscomb experiences as a student-coach and player into a career in education at prominent high schools in Atlanta and Abilene.

Women's Cross Country & Track's Samantha Wood: Where Are They Now?

If ever there was a fun-loving free spirit, Samantha Wood fits the bill. She came to Lipscomb from El Campo, Texas, and excelled as a Bison Cross Country runner. Today she lives in Colorado Springs and never finds herself far from the great outdoors. She caught up with for this week's edition of Where Are They Now?

Basketball's Jacob & Morgan Arnett: Where Are They Now?

Morgan Faulkner and Jacob Arnett both played basketball for the Bisons after coming to Lipscomb from Jackson and Memphis. In addition to finding a campus they enjoyed, teammates and coaches who pushed them, and teachers they admired; they found each other.

Men's Tennis' Colten Jones: Where Are They Now?

Read just a few paragraphs and you’ll catch a case of fun-loving fever as caught up with former Men's Tennis player Colten Jones in this week's edition of Where Are They Now?