Volleyball's Lauren Ford: Where Are They Now?

Ford was part of the ESPN3 broadcasting crew for Lipscomb volleyball this season.

Baseball's Randy Bostic: Where Are They Now?

Randy Bostic started his career as a baseball coach, but has returned to the practice of law in Nashville.

Women's Basketball's Michelle Parker Bradley: Where Are They Now?

Michelle Parker Bradley was a valedictorian and a math major at Lipscomb and has a career as an actuary.

Men's Soccer's Brent McGee: Where Are They Now?

Brent McGee continues to teach goalkeeping on several levels.

Baseball's Jacob Robinson: Where Are They Now?

Ted Jamison, left, Lipscomb athletic director Philip Hutcheson, center, and Jacob Robinson, right, talked during a visit to the athletics department.

Baseball's Branden Cadavid: Where Are They Now?

Lipscomb had a major impact on the life of Cadavid both on and off of the field.

Women's Basketball's Diane Cummings Turnham: Where Are They Now?

Diane Turnham, far left, is a member of the NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Committee and was present for the 2016 NCAA Final Four.

Softball's Ali Watson: Where Are They Now?

After extensive travels in the missions field Watson is ready to settle down in Nashville soon.

Track and Cross Country's Benton Reed: Where Are They Now?

Benton Reed came to Lipscomb to be a distance runner and he is going the distance with his alma mater as he serves as an assistant coach.

Softball's Reid H. Bennett: Where Are They Now?

After a year away Reid Harrell Bennett returned to Lipscomb, her school and her home. One daughter has started preschool classes at Lipscomb this year so the legacy continues.