Baseball's Kurt Dugan: Where Are They Now?

Kurt Dugan says much of his coaching style with his high school baseball team is based on what he learned from his father, Ken, a legendary coach at Lipscomb.

Where Are They Now? Basketball and T&F's Brittany Duerk Spitznagel

Brittany Duerk Spitznagel has taken another step toward her ultimate career goal to become a pharmacy professor and researcher. She has one more degree ahead of her.

Women's basketball's Nina Hausmann Massey: Where Are They Now?

One of the top players in the history of Lipscomb women's basketball is a part of the fashion industry.

Cross Country's Mike Pepper: Where Are They Now?

Mike Pepper took a winding path to find his career, but the seeds of his future were planted at Lipscomb.

Track & Field's Scott Owens: Where Are They Now?

Scott Owens was one of the top javelin throwers in the history of the Lipscomb track and field program and is still active as a volunteer coach.

Basketball's Jason Shelton: Where Are They Now?

Jason Shelton is making the move from college to high school basketball coaching.

Baseball's Chris Parker: Where Are They Now?

A last-minute decision to attend Lipscomb has paid dividends for Chris Parker.

Baseball's Jim Pittman: Where Are They Now?

Jim Pittman, far right, was the captain of the 1966 team which held a 50th reunion this past weekend at Lipscomb.

Baseball's Glenn Eddins: Where Are They Now?

Eddins, a three-time NAIA All-American and former team captain, will be inducted into the Lipscomb Athletics Hall of Fame.

Baseball's Phillip Dickens: Where Are They Now?

Dickens, front row center, is one of five former baseball players to be inducted April 30 into the Lipscomb Athletics Hall of Fame.