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Where are they now? with Ann Mullins
Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Where are they now? with Ann Mullins
Finding time to talk with Ann Mullins was a challenge for Mullins teaches the three-year-old class at Judson Baptist Preschool and also coaches volleyball on the club level for Nashville One. This past season she served as head coach for the Siegel High volleyball team, directing them to the TSSAA State Tournament. She was named the 2009 All-Area Coach of the Year by the Daily News Journal in Murfreesboro. Mullins is also working on completing her Masters of Education degree at Lipscomb.

After transferring from the University of Tennessee Mullins was named Atlantic Sun Libero of the Year (2005) and was a three-time member of the Atlantic Sun All-Conference Team (First Team, 2006, 2007; Second Team, 2005).

What sport(s) did you play at Lipscomb? What years? Who were your coaches?

“I played volleyball from 2005-2007. Brandon Rosenthal was the head coach. Margaret Davidson and Jenna Panatier were assistant coaches. I also served as an assistant coach for Lipscomb in 2008.”

What is your fondest athletic memory at Lipscomb?

“It would definitely be when we won the Atlantic Sun Conference Tournament in 2007 and went to the NCAA Tournament. When I first came to Lipscomb it was definitely in the cards that it would happen. But we all had to be on board and on the same page.

“We finally got to where we needed to be. It was an amazing feeling. Everyone came out and played their best. It was like the first time we had all clicked at the same time as a team at the conference tournament.”

Who had the biggest influence on you during your athletic career at Lipscomb? How?

“When I first got to Lipscomb it was a big deal. I knew some of the girls, but not well. It was hard coming in for my first season. I felt like an outsider, and I had never felt like that before. My parents (Sarah and Steve Mullins) were there for me.

“Brandon, of course, gave me an opportunity to continue my career and be successful at Lipscomb. I tell him all of the time that if I had never come to Lipscomb I probably would have never graduated from college. It was not something I had thought about. But Brandon was a mentor. He took me to a different level of volleyball. But he also showed me how I could also be successful as a student.”

What is your fondest non-athletic memory from your time at Lipscomb?

“Graduation. When I went to UT I was going to play volleyball and get out of there and go on with my life. I thought I was going to play volleyball for the rest of my life.

“And also my Master’s. It is opening up so many doors for me.”

What is the most valuable thing you gained or learned from your time at Lipscomb?

“The most valuable thing I learned at Lipscomb is becoming the person I am now. A lot of people want to complain about chapel and the Bible classes, but those things opened me up to a different part of my life. I learned self-respect and who I am as a person. “

Who was your favorite professor? Why?

“Dr. Scott. He was the best teacher I ever had in college or high school. He was awesome. He was a great mentor for me with the whole process of deciding what I wanted to do. I always felt like I was an underachiever in school. Child family studies was my passion. I work with kids all the time. He led me into what I do now in loving coaching and working with kids.”

Who is your employer? What is your occupation? What does your position entail?

“I am teaching Pre-kindergarten at Judson Baptist Preschool. I work with USBA, running the volleyball programs, in Brentwood. That is where I coach Nashville One, a U-18 club. I worked with Siegel for three months and I hope I will be back.”

Where do you live now?

She is single and lives in Nashville.