Where are they now? with Kris Kinslow
Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Where are they now? with Kris Kinslow

Kris Kinslow spent his days at Lipscomb playing golf in the mid-nineties and now lives with his family in Kentucky. He took some time to talk with lipscombsports.com about his time at Lipscomb, and a few of his favorite memories.

What sport(s) did you play at Lipscomb? What years? Who were your coaches?

“I played golf from 1995-1999 for Coach Ralph Samples.”

What is your fondest athletic memory at Lipscomb?

“I think competing in the national championship tournament for three years in a row as a team stands out the most, also watching John Goldasich carry on the Brewer family tradition with Coach Samples.”

Who had the biggest influence on you during your athletic career at Lipscomb? How?

“I grew up in Franklin, Ky., watching Kenny Perry play. We’re from the same small town, and so all I wanted to do as a kid was play golf like Kenny did. I never had the talent that he did, but he was my big influence growing up.”

What is your fondest non-athletic memory from your time at Lipscomb?

“Just classes in the business school with Dr. Jewel and Mr. Frasier. They were a couple of my favorite professors.”

What is the most valuable thing you gained or learned from your time at Lipscomb?          

Just life-long friendships. I have more friendships with people who I met at Lipscomb that I never would’ve met otherwise. Those have meant the most to me in my personal life.”

Who was your favorite professor? Why?

“Dr. Jewel and Mr. Frasier. Dr Jewel was far more academic than any other professor, while Dr. Frasier was very practical and brought a different perspective.”

Where do you live now?

“I live in Franklin, Ky.”

Who is your employer? What is your occupation? What does your position entail?

“I am a Certified Financial Planner with Lincoln Financial Advisors.”

Tell us about your family

“My wife’s name is Danielle and we have a daughter, Alyssa, who is going to Western Kentucky University, and a 7-month-old named Chloe.”