Where are they now? Allen Sharpe

LipscombSports.com caught up with former men's basketball player Allen Sharpe this week as Sharpe heads to Livingston, Alabama to take on head coaching duties.

Where are they now? Greg Glenn

LipscombSports.com recently caught up with former basketball player Greg Glenn, who has returned to campus as head of school of Lipscomb Academy.

Where are they now? Jenna Bartsokas

LipscombSports.com recently had the chance to catch up with former women's basketball standout Jenna Bartsokas, who has just completed physical therapy school and is set to begin her residency.

Where are they now? Katie Beth Allen

Katie Beth Pate Allen was looking for a Christian college and Lipscomb University proved to be the right answer for her. She helped make history with the 2003-2004 Lady Bisons basketball team who won the Atlantic Sun Conference title for the first time

Where are they now? Whitney Kihnl

Former Lady Bison ace Whitney Kihnl took a few moments to chat with LipscombSports.com in advance of this weeks' NCAA softball regional. Kihnl helped lead the Purple and Gold in the circle in the 2010 regional in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Where are they now? Frank Downing

Frank Downing followed an interesting path to David Lipscomb College to play basketball in 1948. He served in World War II as part of a tank crew and then enrolled at Western Kentucky before transferring. LipscombSports.com spent some time with Downing for this week's edition of Where are they now?

Where are they now? Tony Hopper

In this week's edition of Where are they now?, LipscombSports.com caught up with former Bisons baseball player Tony Hopper. Hopper patrolled right field for the Bisons at Onion Dell in the 1960s under Coach Ken Dugan.

Where are they now? Garret Pettis

Lipscombsports.com recently had the chance to catch up with former men's soccer standout Garret Pettis, who plays professional soccer for the Harrisburg City Islanders.

Where are they now? Denis Kitzinger

Denis Kitzinger is an assistant professor and Dean of Students at Thomas More College in Merrimack, N.H. He moved from his native Germany to Nashville to play soccer at Lipscomb University. He took time to speak to LipscombSports.com.

Where are they now? Jeremy George

Jeremy George, the official financial planner for Lipscomb University athletics, balances his business and a growing family. He has extended his contract as the official financial planner for three more years with Lipscomb. As a corporate sponsor George feels a strong attachment to Lipscomb.

Where are they now? Sarah Mckamey

LipscombSports.com catches up this week with former women's basketball player Sarah Marcrom McKamey.

Where are they now? Chad Hartman

In this week's edition of Where are they now? LipscombSports.com caught up with former Bisons basketball player Chad Hartman.

Where are they now? Barry McGraw

In this week's edition of 'Where are they now?', Lipscombsports.com caught up with Barry McGraw. McGraw ran track and cross country at Lipscomb in the early 1990s.

Where are they now? Lauren Peck

In this week's edition of Where are they now?, Lipscombsports.com caught up with former Lady Bisons golfer Lauren Peck. She now is the branch manager at Avenue Bank in Green Hills and serves as an assistant vice president.

Where are they now? Deborah Spencer Garner

This week's edition of 'Where are they now?' features Deborah Spencer Garner. She was a shooting guard for the Lipscomb Lady Bisons from 1988-92. Lipscombsports.com caught up with Deborah to see where life has taken her since leaving Lipscomb.

Where are they now? Rick Clark

Rick Clark was a double-sport standout for Lipscomb University in the late 60's. He was a four-year letterman in basketball serving as co-captain as a junior and senior. He also lettered on the tennis team earning co-MVP honors as a senior.

Where are they now? Vanessa Medina

In this week's addition of Where are they now? Lipscombsports.com talked with former Lipscomb softball player Vanessa Medina about her work with the Minnesota Twins.

Where are they now?? Hannah Phillips

LipscombSports.com recently had the chance to sit down and chat with former Lady Bison Hannah Phillips, who is set to being her professional playing career in Australia in just a few weeks.

Where are they now? Ben Williams

This week's 'Where are they now?' edition catches up with former Lipscomb baseball player Ben Williams (left). Williams was Brian Ryman's (right) first recruit at Lipscomb. He helped guide the Bisons to an A-Sun championship and a NCAA Tournament berth in 2008.

Where are they now Kate Spellman (Viral video edition)

Former Lipscomb women's soccer player Kate Spellman has become an internet sensation with her fun videos including "Spiderman Dances You a Merry Christmas"

Where are they now? Evan McGee

Evan McGee, a former soccer player for Lipscomb, is still on the move. He teaches statistics and also serves as a math tutor at Lipscomb Academy. He also is working on his Master's in Education with a specialization in mathematics. Evan took a brief pause this week to talk with lipscombsports.com.

Where are they now? Josh Slater

Josh Slater has traded in his basketball for bank accounts. After a stint in Germany in professional basketball Slater, a former guard for the Lipscomb Bisons, returned to his hometown and started a career in banking approximately a year-and-a-half ago.

Where are they going? Caitlin "Dot" Dotson

In this "Where are they going?" edition a program called "Linked Lipscomb", under the guidance of setter Caitlin "Dot" Dotson, is trying to assist student-athletes along their chosen career paths.

Where are they now? Emily (Pleasant) High

Lipscombsports.com recently had the chance to sit down with former Lady Bison basketball great Emily Pleasant High about her busy life as mom, coach and wife.

Where are they now? Bailey Heflin

After Bailey Heflin graduated from Lipscomb University he became a coach at the school, serving as head coach for track and as an assistant coach for basketball.

Where are they now? LU volleyball makes coaching impact

Five former Lady Bisons, who played for Brandon Rosenthal, are involved in coaching at the high school level. In a modified addition of this week’s “Where Are They Now” those former players talk about the impact that Lipscomb volleyball had on their lives.

Where are they now? John Wild

The start of the 2013-2014 basketball season for the Lipscomb Lady Bisons is only a few days away. Assistant coach John Wild points out that the fall preseason may be more of a challenge in terms of time to get things done than during the season because of the preparation necessary to get ready.

Where are they now? Chris Burnett

Chris Burnett, a former right-handed pitcher, returned to the Lipscomb University campus this past week to participate in the Alumni and Friends Baseball Weekend hosted by Bisons coach Jeff Forehand and his staff.

Where are they now? Robert Frost

Robert Frost didn't play golf at Lipscomb University, but he roomed with Will Brewer, an NAIA National Champion in golf and the director of golf for the Bisons and Lady Bisons. Through the years Frost has been a financial supporter of the golf program going back to the days of Dr. Ralph Samples as coach.

Where are they now? Blake Bratcher

Former baseball player Blake Bratcher is a judicial law clerk for Honorable Judge Steve Dozier. At night he is a student at the Nashville School of Law with plans to graduate in December. Bratcher spent some time after law classes to talk with lipscombsports.com.

Where are they now? Christy Grisham

There are only 24 hours in a day, but don’t tell Christina “Christy” Grisham. The former Lipscomb softball player works a regular job, spends an average of four hours a day in preparation for the Miss Tennessee pageant and is also working on designing her own line of clothes.

Where are they now? Bryan Kendrick

Former Lipscomb golfer Bryan Kendrick and his son Bryce teamed to win the National Championship in the Gross Division of the Father & Son Team Classic earlier this summer in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Bryan is the focus of this week's Where are they now?

Where are they now? Jessica Enderle

Jessica Enderle stays busy as director of Club West volleyball and as the girls’ volleyball coach at Page High School in Franklin, Tenn., but she found time this week to talk with lipscombsports.com.

Where are they now? Kevin Terry

Former Bison soccer player Kevin Terry is the focus of this week's Where are they now? Kevin can be seen on national television officiating soccer games and also holds a job at Whitsitt Elementary.

Where are they now? Erin Pierce

LipscombSports.com had a chance to catch up with Erin Pierce, a former Lady Bison volleyball player. Pierce is a licensed dietitian at Scales Nutrition and Wellness Center in Nashville.

Where are they now? Daniel Hangstefer

Daniel Hangstefer, a former Lipscomb men's tennis player, had a chance to talk with LipscombSports.com as he was just hired as head coach at Metropolitan State University.

Where are they now? Keith O'Neal

Lipscombsports.com had a chance to catch up with Keith O'Neal, who ran cross country from 1999-2002. O'Neal is back at Lipscomb having started as the Online Instructional Designer for Lipscomb's Center for Teaching and Learning in July.

Where are they now? James Poindexter

Lipscombsports.com recently had the chance to catch up with former Bison James Poindexter, who is now a basketball coach at McAdory High School in McAlla, Ala.

Where are they now? Rodrigo Martinez

Lipscombsports.com had a chance this week to catch up with former Bison Rodrigo Martinez, who is in Nashville for camp with several of his players from Switzerland.

Where are they now? Charlyn Ursell

Lipscombsports.com was able to catch up with former volleyball player Charlyn Ursell recently to talk about her move to Denver.

Where are they now? Trey Williams

Lipscombsports.com recently had the chance to catch up with former Bison guard Trey Williams, who is now a special education teacher and boys basketball coach at Lead Academy in Nashville.