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Women's basketball and tennis' Julie Kinser Huffman: Where are they now?
Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Women's basketball and tennis' Julie Kinser Huffman: Where are they now?


A gifted multi-sport athlete who played for Lipscomb High School and College, Julie Kinser Huffman helped bring women’s basketball to this campus. She shared her memories of Bison Basketball’s first women’s team, her favorite coach (and professor), and the unique foreign language she has mastered. She shared her thoughts in a conversation this week with


What years did you compete for Lipscomb?

I played both tennis and basketball in 1977 and 1978, and Trish Duty coached both teams. I played basketball and tennis and ran track at Lipscomb High School as well.

What teammate was most memorable?

I was a member of the first Lady Bison basketball team. We practiced at 6:00 am in McQuiddy Gym because that was the only available time slot. The dedication and sacrifice of every player and coach were extraordinary. I was inspired by all of my teammates because we equally shared the love and passion for the sport.

Tell us about your education.

I attended Lipscomb for two years and studied Business. An opportunity arose, so I transferred and graduated from the University of Colorado-Boulder in 1980. After graduation I spent several years doing mission work in Stockholm, where I learned to speak Swedish. I participated in a mission effort in England for two years as well. I also have my real estate license in both Texas and Tennessee.

Why did you attend Lipscomb?

I attended Lipscomb High School and loved it. I wanted to continue my education at Lipscomb University.

What is your favorite athletic memory at Lipscomb?

My freshman year we played extramural games around Nashville against other college teams, and we won them all! Thanks to Trish Duty, we took our trophy to the Lipscomb administration and asked for a women’s team. Our dream came true, and our team was formed. Playing that first game on the newly-formed Lady Bisons team was thrilling. I remember our team being introduced to a packed McQuiddy Gym and feeling that school spirit and excitement. At the time, it didn’t cross my mind that we were actually making history as the first official women’s basketball team. That esteemed honor is quite the nice feeling today!

Who influenced your athletic career at Lipscomb?

My father, Wesley Kinser, was always the greatest influence of my athletic career. He faithfully attended all my games and gave me great advice and coaching at home after games. He was a star athlete at West High School in Nashville. He was the football team quarterback and played basketball and baseball. After high school, he played baseball at Vanderbilt University.

What’s your favorite non-athletic memory from your time here?

Building lifelong friendships with teammates and classmates is what I treasure most about my time at Lipscomb. Forty years later, I keep in touch with, vacation with, and cherish the wonderful friends I met at Lipscomb.

What is the most valuable lesson you learned in your time at Lipscomb?

My parents raised me to have faith in God and His word, but that was solidified in my time at Lipscomb. The required Bible classes and chapel services had lasting impact on my heart. I have lived in foreign countries, experienced different cultures, and faced serious life challenges, but my faith has remained constant. My Christian foundation is priceless to me.

Who were your favorite professors?

Trish Duty was my favorite and my hero. She was one of the kindest people I’ve ever known. I was so happy to see her at the 30th reunion held for our inaugural team. It was a blessing to hug her and express our love and appreciation before she was overcome by cancer a few months later. Trish was truly a treasure.

What do you do now?

After spending years traveling overseas and driving clients around to look at homes, I now have a 60-second walking commute to my office. I work in the most entertaining job I’ve ever had; I am a property manager for Life Storage Inc. in Katy, Texas. In keeping with the sports theme, one of my clients is a retired NBA player with seven NBA championship rings, and three clients are tennis pros. I meet people from all over the world, get to practice my Swedish with Scandinavian clients, and even became a published author at the prompting of a client who literally challenged me to write a story for Chicken Soup for the Soul. 

Tell us about your family:

I am blessed with three wonderful children that are the joy of my life! Since I lived overseas for many years, all my children were born in different countries…Sweden, England and the country of Texas! Viktoria and I work for the same company. She is an Area Manager in Austin and would be my boss if we lived in the same city! Lindsay works for Apple’s corporate office in Austin and is our family tech advisor. Stefan is in nursing school in Houston and will graduate in December.


  • Favorite food: Tex Mex
  • Favorite movie: “Is Genesis History?”
  • Favorite scripture: Psalm 103
  • Favorite sports team: 2017 World Series Champion Houston Astros
  • Pet peeve: adult whining and complaining
  • Person I most admire: My mother inspires me. She enjoys living life every day and keeps active. She meets her longtime friends for lunch every week, she reaches out to neighbors, and she tries to learn new things in technology.
  • Favorite season: Summer
  • Pick one: salad or dessert – Dessert
  • Dream vacation spot: Any warm and quiet beach where I can listen to the ocean
  • Early morning or late night person? Early morning

You can contact Julie by email ( or visit her on Facebook (Julie Kinser Huffman).