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Track and Cross Country's Clint Carter: Where Are They Now?
Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Track and Cross Country's Clint Carter: Where Are They Now?

He somehow found the Lipscomb campus from 900 miles away, he was recruited by one coach and ran for two others, and he has become one of Bison Basketball’s biggest fans. He was an All-Conference and All-Academic runner who qualified for the NCAA Championships, but he’ll tell you the greatest gift he gained from this campus was his wife, Kelly. We learned a lot in our visit this week with Clint Carter, who sat down for a few minutes to speak with


What years did you compete for Lipscomb?

I was originally recruited by Clay Nicks, but I ran for Karen Robichaud from 2005 to 2007 before being coached by Bill Taylor in 2008 & 2009.


What teammate was most memorable?

Over the course of four years I had the privilege of running alongside some great guys. I trained in Yellowstone with Jordan Wilson, was nearly arrested with Weldon Ehlert (clean fun), passed college algebra because of Jared Carlson, and qualified for NCAAs in the 4x400 with Chad Roberts, Jonesy, and Mike Knox. My time at Lipscomb was during the rapid growth of the Track & Cross Country program, and I like to think our rosters had a big role in the success being witnessed today.


What degree have you earned?

I graduated from Lipscomb in May 2009 with a double major in Marketing & Management.


Why did you attend Lipscomb?

I had originally signed a National Letter of Intent to go to Harding University, but changed my mind after an official visit to Lipscomb. I had an older brother on the soccer team (Ryan Carter) and a cousin on the track team (Weldon Ehlert), so I guess it felt like home! Little did I know, the love of my life (Kelly VanHooser) was also changing her university choice from Harding to Lipscomb.


What is your favorite athletic memory at Lipscomb?

In 2008 Coach Taylor took a small group of us to Oregon to race at historic Hayward Field. It was early in the season and I don’t recall anyone running especially fast, but the overall experience was one I’ll never forget.

Off the track, I’d have to say the Battle of the Boulevard basketball games in Allen Arena. The student body did an excellent job of showing up early, being loud, and creating a home court advantage.


Who influenced your athletic career at Lipscomb?

Everyone from the athletic trainers to the strength coaches played a vital role, but Coach Bill Taylor carried the most influence. At that point in my life, I needed someone to challenge me in every aspect of life. Coach Taylor pushed all of us to be better Christians, friends, teammates, and athletes.


What do you remember about Lipscomb campus life during your time here?

“Home” was 900 miles away in south Texas, and I was broke. Needless to say, I attended virtually all student entertainment events hosted by the Campus Life office. These events delivered the opportunity to meet people, experience something new, and to create memories.

In 2006 the university made the mistake of allowing us to build “shantys” in Bison Square as a build up to the Battle of the Boulevard basketball game. This Campus Life event provided the excuse for students to raid construction dumpsters all over town in search of building supplies. What unfolded in Bison Square was a sight to be seen. There were dozens of makeshift “homes” that wouldn’t pass a building code test from the pioneer days. I don’t think anyone was injured during the construction phase, but the cold February nights made Sewell Hall look like the Taj Mahal.


What is the most valuable lesson you learned in your time at Lipscomb?

Lipscomb University provided an environment for me to grow in all aspects of life. During my four years on campus I was able to obtain a deeper understanding as to why my relationship with God can never be second place. My faith story is still unfolding, especially as a father to three children, but my time at Lipscomb provided the groundwork for my faith today.


Who were your favorite professors?

Leanne Smith played the biggest role in preparing me for the job market. She did an excellent job bringing in guest speakers, sharing real life experiences, and providing an environment to test our interview skills. Looking back, her passion for teaching made the largest influence on where I am today.


What do you do now?

Since 2008 I’ve worked with a small firm on Music Row in Nashville, The Aegis Group, that provides clients with real and personal property tax appeal and tax management. Our company is an industry leader in property tax matters. Through various courses and advancements, I now specialize in valuation appeals on commercial property all over the United States.


Tell us about your family:

This June I will celebrate 10 years of marriage to Kelly (VanHooser) Carter, and we have three children: Austin (7), Cate (5), and William (3). We live in Franklin and worship at Brentwood Hills Church of Christ. Look for us at Bison basketball games – we never miss!  



  • Favorite food: My mother-in-law’s pineapple casserole!
  • Favorite TV show or movie: TV – The Office; Movie – Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
  • Favorite Bible scripture: Philippians 4:13 - “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”
  • Favorite sports team: Atlanta Braves
  • Pet peeve: Being late
  • Person I most admire: My father, Phil Carter
  • Person I’d most like to meet: Dead – Paul Newman; Alive – Phil Knight
  • Rather ride or drive? Drive
  • Pick one – salad or dessert: Dessert
  • Dream vacation spot: Anyplace with mountains
  • Early morning or late night person? Early morning


You can reach Clint by email at or visit him on Instagram: clinton_thomas_carter