Let the Children Come

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
by Kelsey Reiman

The Lipscomb women's soccer team completed its fourth day of mission service in El Salvador. Junior Kelsey Reiman gives a recap of the day in a post appropriately called "Let the Children Come."

Resting for only a second to catch my breath, I feel the small quick hands reach up to touch my back and before I can turn fully around, I catch glimpse of the feet of an El Salvadoran child running away from me. His laughter echoes through the walls of the court. His eyes are locked on mine, refusing to detach as his legs spin faster and faster, ready to leave his fragile body at any moment. Closing in, extending my hand out to grab him, the threads of his blue uniform skim across the tips of my fingers and I feel it again – the small quick hands reach up to touch my back. I can still hear his laughter, but I have lost sight of the first boy and have now found another, running from my hands, but desiring so much for me to catch him and for me to touch him. I find his face in the sea of chaos and it is holy and pure and shining bright and full. Smiling with all the healthy teeth he has left, fronting a burn that runs alongside the left of his face he is illuminated in the sunlight, showing me an image of Christ I have never before experienced.

I am on the ground. I can feel the rough splinters and cracks of the concrete, the dirt and pebbles grinding across my cheeks, and the weight of ten bodies piled on top of me, pinning my arms and legs to the impenetrable ground. I know all of these things exist, but for that instant, they no longer matter. All that matters are these children, their wondrous smiles, their desire to be loved and to love me, and the overwhelming sensation of the Holy Spirit working in me, using my heart, my mind, and my body to serve each of His children.

The mission team returned to Pedro Castillo Government School today for a chaotic and truly unbelievable experience as we helped teach English, played soccer, cooked for the students, and simply loved the children. Thankfully, we were privileged and blessed for them to love us in return. Despite their circumstances and regardless of their age, behavior, or ability to communicate, every member of the mission team embodied Christ today as we accepted and invited the children into our embrace and into our hearts.

Each of us had our own significant moments throughout the day. Many tears were shed and hands were held. Eyes were closed to pray, but opened to new, smiling faces. We loved these children – that is all. We did nothing else. We needed nothing else. We wanted nothing else.

  By Kelsey Reiman