Two countries, one God and 18 bumper cars
Monday, March 18, 2013
Two countries, one God and 18 bumper cars

The Lipscomb women's soccer team is spending its spring break in El Salvador on a mission trip. Junior Kelsey Reiman provides an update from the trip and the experience with God.

Two countries, one God and 18 bumper cars

“…I have been crucified with Christ and it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me…” – Galatians 2:19-20

Welcomed with smiles and greetings by each member of Dios de Pacto, we stepped off the street and through the open church doors into a room no larger than a typical Lipscomb classroom. Though the language barrier remained through a Spanish worship, the song leader’s astounding and intense passion touched the hearts of every person in the room. With raised hands, closed eyes and matching smiles, the power of a common faith in God harmonized our different tongues. The difference in language was no longer a hindrance, but a blessing. We learned to worship not with our words, but with our joy, our passion, and our collective faith.

Eager to share our passion for the Lord and fully embracing our different cultures, the team returned to the developing communities. Nine players met and spoke with a woman living in one of the homes who left a lasting impression on our lives and forever changed my perception of faith. Matilde shared with us her life. She gave us a piece of her soul and she took from each of us, a piece of ours as well.

Though her vision was taken from her four years ago, her faith, her strength and her hope were not. Now standing at one hundred years, Matilde physically lives alone in her home, but as she says, she is not alone – God lives with her there. Walking into the sunlit days, she lifts her hands and wanders into the streets, following God’s voice and trusting in her faith to guide her. This, she says, is her act of worship.

She invited us into her home, our feet on dirt floors and our hands resting on the metal walls and wooden posts supporting the roof sitting just above our heads. Arm in arm, we circled around Matilde and prayed for her, using our difference in cultures to talk to a loving and faithful God. One prayer in Spanish and nine prayers in English, tears forever carved into the cheeks of nine players and one El Salvadoran woman who showed each of us that God is real and faith is raw.

We may not have known everything about her, but we knew enough. We know God and she knows God, and for the beautiful woman that she is, we love her unconditionally.

Leaving the developing communities and an emotional day, the team danced their way through an ongoing festival to a small amusement park on the other side of the town. Players, coaches, and team members hopped into bumper cars, and for four minutes laughed, screamed, and were given the excuse to hit each other as hard as humanly (and technologically) possible.

The day ended in team worship, sharing glimpses of the day, and loving one another. It is truly a blessing to witness God in every person here, whether El Salvadoran or American. We all share one faith; we all share one God.  

   --by Kelsey Reiman