Women's soccer shares update on trip to El Salvador
Saturday, March 15, 2014
Women's soccer shares update on trip to El Salvador

Emily Shuler took a little time out of her journey into El Salvador to share with the fans how the trip is going. Here is Emily's first update:


Waking up at the not so bright yet oh so early hour of 4:00 a.m., we headed off to catch a flight to El Salvador. Upon landing, you could already hear the call of El Salvador welcoming us and drawing us in.

The team is split with an almost 50/50dynamic of first timers and veterans to El Salvador and among us you can sense this mood that surrounds us all. I can only describe it as a an invitation. "Come and see." The veterans to the rookies, "Come and see this place we love," and The Lord to us all, "Come and see what I have planned for you." 

Today we began working on site at Karla's home. We tore down the remaining wall and prepared the ground for the work we will do tomorrow. To see how everyone immediately jumped right in was incredible, but what was even more awesome was the symbolism in what we were doing. We were tearing down our own walls so we could be more vulnerable and open to what The Lord has planned, which will lead to us cultivating the people on the ground here in El Salvador.
But if we think that this trip is solely for us to pour into those we meet and cultivate them, we are sadly mistaken. As some worked on the site, others walked the neighborhood in the developing communities.
We came across multiple families and got to know them and their kids and then prayed for them. It was uncomfortable for a lot of us.
But in this you can hear The Lord still saying, "Come and see". Come see my people, come see my provision, come see my love for you here and now. 
The Lord has big plans for this week, and I can't wait to see what he calls us as a group and individually to come and see as he reveals his wonders to us here in El Salvador.